Boxtradex $20 Trial fund - Crypto no deposit bonus 2023

Boxtradex $20 Trial fund
Boxtradex $20 Trial fund

Boxtradex $20 Trial USDT

BOXTradEx is excited to introduce a special offer for new users - a $20 USDT Trial Fund.

- This provides an excellent opportunity to dive into cryptocurrency trading and explore the market.

About Boxtradex

BOXTradEx serves as a comprehensive Web3 game portal offering various games, tournaments, guilds, mission systems, token trading, and NFT markets - all under one account.

Boxtradex Event Details

- Platform: Boxtradex Exchange

- Reward: $20 USDT (Trial Fund)

- Reward Pool: Limited to $200,000

How to Claim Your $20 Boxtradex Trial Fund in 5 Simple Steps

1. Sign Up: Begin by completing the sign-up process on the Boxtradex-app.


2. KYC Verification: Ensure your account is KYC level 2 verified.

3. Locate the Bonus: Find the bonus tab or look for the $20 Trial Fund banner on the page.

4. Complete Quests: Successfully complete 5 easy quest tasks to receive the $20 Trial Fund in your wallet. If you encounter issues with quest completion, try logging in via your browser and attempting the tasks there.


You can find the more screenshot 


How to Use/Trade $20 Boxtradex Trial Fund in 3 Steps:

1. Switch Modes: Open the Boxtradex app, navigate to the top bar, and switch from Web3 game mode to Exchange mode.

2. Initiate Trades: Click the trade icon and select "bot" to choose your cryptocurrency pair linked to USDT.

3. Start Grinding: Tap "grind trading."

-Switch to the Trail Fund.

- enter the upper and lower limits of your bot trading range, and indicate the number of grinds.

-Choose "USDT only" enter your $20 Trail Fund and place grind trade order.

4. Profit Crediting: 

- When you profit from Grind Trading, the earned profit will be credited to your Trial Fund wallet once you close the Grind Trade, 

- You have the right to transfer only the profit in your assets wallet at any time and the remaining amount available Trial Fund wallet.

Boxtradex $20 Trial Fund Withdrawal Conditions

1. The $20 Trail Fund can only be used for trading purposes and cannot be withdrawn.

- However, profits can be withdrawn or transferred.

2. No specific lot volume trading conditions are required.

3. The minimum withdrawal is 5 USDT (TRC20) method.

4. The profit maximum withdrawal amount may vary based on the chosen withdrawal method.

- You have the right to withdraw your profits at any time.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1: Who is eligible for the Boxtradex $20 Trial Fund?

   - The Boxtradex $20 Trial Fund is available for new users signing up on the Boxtradex app.

Q2: How long is the $20 Trial Fund valid for?

   - The bonus is credited within the period of 90 days from the eWallet registration date.

Q3: Can I withdraw the $20 Trial Fund itself?

   - No, the Trial Fund cannot be withdrawn but can be used for trading. Profits from trading are withdrawable.

Q4: Is there a minimum withdrawal requirement?

   - Yes, the minimum withdrawal is USDT (TRC20) 5.

Q5: Can I withdraw my profits at any time?

   - Yes, you can withdraw your profits at any time.

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