Land Prime $30 No Deposit Bonus

Land Prime $30 No Deposit Bonus

Land Prime Forex Broker is offering a $30 no deposit bonus exclusively for new traders from the Philippines. To participate in the campaign and be eligible to receive the $30 trading fund in a standard account, traders must join FX webinars hosted every Tuesday or attend the free seminar hosted every 1st Thursday of the month in Ph Makati city, as organized by Land Prime.

How to Participate 

1. Navigate the Official LandPrime Platform and Confirm Your Account:
   - Before signing up, note that the offer is only available to traders from the Philippines.

2. Receive Trading Funds from Land Prime:
   - Traders can choose one of the following options to receive the $30 trading fund:

     A. Participate in Land Prime Online Webinars: Attend the " WEEKLY MARKET ANALYSIS + TECHNICAL TECHNIQUES " Webinar twice every Tuesday.

     B. Attend the Offline Land Prime Free Seminar: Held on the 1st Thursday of each month at the Land Prime office in Makati City.

3. Once traders meet either requirement, they become eligible to receive the $30 trading fund bonus in a Standard Account with 1:500 leverage. 

4. Traders can withdraw the profit made from the $30 trading fund without any maximum profit or withdrawal limits.


Land Prime's $30 no deposit bonus provides an excellent opportunity for new traders from the Philippines to start trading without an initial deposit. By participating in webinars or seminars, traders can receive trading fund and potentially earn profits with no limitations on withdrawals.
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