FirewoodFX $20 Welcome No Deposit Bonus

FirewoodFX $20 Welcome Bonus

FirewoodFX, a forex broker, introduces a new trading opportunity called the "$20 Welcome Bonus" for all traders. this $20 Welcome Bonus allows for risk-free testing, and traders can withdraw profits from the bonus after meeting specific conditions. 

Is $20 No Deposit Bonus?

Commonly referred to as the "FirewoodFX $20 No Deposit Bonus" its official promotion name is the "Welcome Bonus 2024." It's important to note that this promotional offer requires a deposit condition for eligibility to withdraw profits.

How to Claim Your Bonus

1. Navigate to the Official FirewoodFX Promo Page:

2. Fill in the necessary information as a new trader and verify your email.

3. Receive the Bonus:
   - After registration, the MT4 ECN5BONUS trading account will be automatically opened, and the $20 bonus will be credited instantly.
   - Log in to the trading account on MT4 and start trading.

Additionally, existing traders can also participate in this bonus by following these steps:

- According to T&c, traders need to deposit $200 into their ECN Trading Account.
- Once the trader opens the bonus account, trading funds are credited instantly.

Profit Withdrawal Conditions

Traders must fulfill the following conditions:

- Profits can be withdrawn within 30 days after the bonus is credited, after closing 2 eligible lots.
- Alternatively, if a trader deposits a minimum of $100 in a single transaction into the bonus account, profits can be withdrawn after closing 1 eligible lot.

Additionally, if no deposit is made, profit withdrawal is only possible through internal transfer to another MT4 ECN account under the same Master Customer ID, which must have a minimum deposit of $100.

It's important to note that lot volume calculations only consider trades closed with more than 5 pips (or less than -5 pips).

Essentially, a deposit is required during the profit withdrawal process, and traders can withdraw a maximum profit of $20 from the bonus account.

In Conclusion

The FirewoodFX $20 Welcome Bonus presents an opportunity to experience real trading with the potential to earn profits after meeting the deposit. Ensure you adhere to the terms and conditions to fully capitalize on this remarkable offer.
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