NordFX Mega Super Lottery 2024 Trading Event

NordFX Mega Super Lottery 2024 Trading Event

Nordfx, a regulated financial trading broker, has organized the Nordfx Mega Super Lottery 2024 trading competition. The total prize fund of the lottery is 100,000 USD. To participate in the campaign, traders must open Pro accounts, meet trading turnover conditions, and get a lottery ticket for a chance to win up to $5,000.

How to Participate:

1. Navigate to the Official NordFX Platform:

   - Visit the official NordFX website.

2. Submit Necessary Details and Verification:

   - Complete the registration process by providing all required information.

   - Verify your account by submitting the necessary documents.

3. Access the Pro Account:

   - Navigate to the Account tab and open a Pro Account.

4. Maintain Funds and Start Trading:

   - Maintain a minimum of $200 in your trading account during the event.

   - Begin trading and meet the trading turnover requirement of 2 lots to participate in the event.

5. Winning Requirement:

   - For every 2 lots of trading volume completed, you receive 1 lottery ticket. 

   - There is no limit to the number of lottery tickets a participant can receive. The more tickets you have, the higher your chances of winning.

6. Reward Withdrawable:

   - The prize funds can be used for trading or withdrawn from the account at any time without any restrictions.

Prize Fund:

The total prize fund of the lottery is 100,000 USD (one hundred thousand US dollars). The total prize fund is divided into 202 prizes plus 4 super prizes.

The Lottery is Held in Three Stages:3

Stage 1: (Total prize pool is $20,000) from March 8 to June 30 with 56 prizes to be drawn, including:

- 40 prizes of $250

- 10 prizes of $500

- 5 prizes of $750

- 1 prize of $1,250

The Stage 1 draw is on July 8, 2024. The draw will be held using lottery ticket numbers generated by a random number generator. All lottery tickets received by the participants by the time of the draw are involved in each draw.

Additional Considerations:

Eligibility: Make sure to verify your account and maintain the required funds and trading turnover to qualify for lottery tickets.

The number of lottery tickets is not limited, so the more you trade, the more tickets you earn, increasing your chances of winning.

Prize funds won in the lottery can be withdrawn without any restrictions, offering great flexibility for the winners.

By participating in the NordFX Mega Super Lottery 2024, traders have a unique opportunity to enhance their trading experience and potentially win substantial prizes. Ensure you follow all steps and meet the requirements to maximize your chances of winning in this exciting event.

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