ITrade FX Market $30 No Deposit Bonus ?

ITrade FX Market $30 Promotion

ITrade FX Market, a Thailand-based forex trading broker, introduces a special promotional campaign for June 2024. Despite some incorrect information circulating in the trader community, it's important to clarify the current offers:

Misconceptions: ITrade FX Market $30 No Deposit Bonus

There is incorrect information suggesting that ITrade FX Market is offering a $30 no deposit bonus. Officially, this is not true. The previously referenced " New User $30 " offer required a $20 deposit and 10 lots of trading to be eligible for withdrawal, 

additionally that offer has already ended.

Current Official Promotion: "Get Free $30 by Inviting Friends to Trade"

From June 1, 2024, ITrade FX Market has announced a new promotional campaign called "Get Free $30 by Inviting Friends to Trade." Here are the details:

- Promotion Duration: June 1, 2024, to June 30, 2024
- Offer: Invite friends to trade, and upon meeting certain conditions, you receive a $30 cash fund.

How to Get the $30 Trading Fund

1. Navigate to the Official ITrade FX Market Website: Visit the official website to get started.
2. Complete Registration: Complete the necessary signup steps.
3. Apply Your Unique Invite Link: Use your unique referral/IB link to invite friends.
4. Invite Friends: Invite friends who then need to meet the following conditions:
    - Deposit Requirement: Your invited friends must deposit at least $200.
    - Trading Volume Requirement: Your invited friends must trade at least 3 lots.
5. Receive Your Reward: Once these conditions are met, you will receive a $30 cash fund, which is withdrawable.


Service Restrictions: ITrade FX Market does not provide services to persons located in jurisdictions identified by the EU (including Iran, North Korea, etc.) and residents of the United States.

Different Offers validity: The $30 new user offer and the $30 fund for inviting friends are distinct offers. The former has expired, and the latter is valid only for June 2024.

Terms and Conditions: ITrade FX Market reserves the right to change, update, or cancel this promotion without prior notification. By participating, you agree to adhere to all terms and conditions set forth by ITrade FX Market.

Additionally Points

- Promotion Validity: Ensure you participate within the specified promotional period to be eligible.
- Compliance: Verify that you and your invited friends are compliant with all the terms and conditions.
- Legitimacy: Be cautious of incorrect information and always refer to the legitimate accurate details.

By following the correct steps and meeting the specified conditions, you can take advantage of the current ITrade FX Market promotional offer and potentially earn a $30 trading fund reward.
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