FXplayer $100 No Deposit Bonus

FXplayer $100 No Deposit Bonus

FXplayer, a forex broker, has offered a $100 No Deposit Bonus for new traders since 2019. This trading bonus allows traders to start trading in the forex market without an initial deposit and withdraw profits after meeting specific conditions.


How to Participate:

1. Navigate to the Official FXplayer FXplayer Platform:
   - Before claiming the offer, confirm the availability of the training bonus via the support team.

2. Follow Support Team Guidance:
   - Adhere to the instructions provided by the support team to claim the $100 trading fund bonus.

Profit Conditions:

1. Trading Requirements:
   - Meet the 50 lots trading requirement in the $100 trading account within 30 days to be eligible for profit withdrawal.

2. Deposit Condition:
   - After 1 month, you must deposit the full amount of the equity to keep the account active. After making the deposit, you can withdraw the profits.

3. Withdrawal Limits:
   - The maximum amount of winnings that can be withdrawn is $200.
   - To withdraw $200, you need to trade 100 lots in 1 month before the withdrawal is allowed.


Additional Information:

Confirm the availability of the offer with the FXplayer support team before attempting to take advantage of it.

The terms of the promotion are subject to change without prior notice. 
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