Xtrade $25 Welcome bonus

Xtrade $25 Welcome bonus

Xtrade, a forex broker, offers new users a welcome bonus pack that includes four offers: First Deposit, Phone Verification, First Trade On Us, and Account Verification, available in select countries. This post provides information about the $25 phone verification bonus.

How to Get the Xtrade $25 Cash Bonus

The Xtrade $25 cash bonus is available for new users following these steps:

1. Navigate to the official Xtrade promo website.

2. Complete the necessary signup steps.

   - Before signing up, confirm with customer chat that the offer is available in your country.

3. Select Account Options > Phone Verification. Submit a valid phone number and enter the code received by SMS. After verification, you can claim the $25 cash bonus.

Profit Conditions

Details on profit conditions will be updated soon once the correct information is received.


The Xtrade welcome pack includes four offers, and traders can claim rewards after completing the specified tasks for each offer.

This $25 verification bonus is part of the Xtrade welcome pack and is not a separate $25 no deposit bonus.

- The bonus is available only once per account.

- To redeem your bonus, you are required to reach a release volume of XPoints according to Xtrade’s terms.

Xtrade reserves the right to refuse or reject a registration at its own discretion or based on regulatory restrictions imposed on them.

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