PU Prime NFP Contest Get up to $150

PU Prime NFP Contest

PU Prime, a trading broker, hosts the NFP Contest every month, offering traders the opportunity to earn trading funds of up to $150. Participants can predict the NFP (Non-Farm Payroll) figure and submit their predictions to PU Prime to be eligible for rewards.

How to Participate:

1. Visit the Official PU Prime NFP Page: Access the official Puprime NFP page to learn more about the contest and participate.

2. Have a Trading Account with PU Prime: Participants must have a trading account with PU Prime to join the contest.

3. Submit Your Prediction: Before the NFP data is released, participants need to submit their prediction of the NFP figure to PU Prime.

Prize Distribution:

Cash Prizes: PU Prime will award cash prizes to the top 10 traders who predict the NFP news reports correctly or with the nearest accuracy. Traders can win up to $150 in cash prizes based on the accuracy of their predictions.

Profit Withdrawal Conditions:

Eligible traders will receive cash voucher rewards, which are valid for 30 days after claiming. However, the trading fund bonus cannot be withdrawn directly.

- To convert the cash voucher into withdrawable funds, traders must meet the specified trading volume requirement. The trading volume required is calculated as follows: (Cash Voucher Amount Received  5%) / 100.

For example, if a trader receives a $100 cash voucher, the required trading volume would be: (100  5) / 100 = 5 lots.


Monthly Contest: The PU Prime NFP Contest runs every month, allowing traders to participate by submitting their predictions before the release of the NFP data.

- Winner Announcement: The winners of the contest will be posted on the Leaderboard on the PU Prime NFP page. Eligible traders will receive their rewards in the "My Coupon" section.

- Terms and Conditions: PU Prime reserves the right to refuse the issuance of rewards or reclaim distributed rewards in case of suspicion of lock-up or hedging positions.

The PU Prime NFP Contest provides traders with an exciting opportunity to test their prediction skills and win cash prizes of up to $150. Participate in the contest each month and aim for accurate predictions to maximize your rewards!

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