Funded Elite Challenge Accounts Giveaways

Funded Elite Challenge Accounts Giveaways

Funded Elite, a prop firm trading platform, periodically hosts giveaways on Twitter called "Funded Elite Challenge Accounts Giveaways." Participants have the chance to win free SwiftFunding Trading Challenge Accounts by completing simple tasks. Additionally, participants who successfully pass the challenge receive a funded account, with profits generated from this account being withdrawable up to 80%.

How to Participate:

Joining the giveaway is straightforward:

1. Twitter Account Requirement:
   - Participants must have a Twitter account to engage in the giveaways and stay informed about announcements.

Recent Giveaways Update from SwiftFunding:

On May 6, 2024, Funded Elite Trader announced the giveaway of $7k Challenge accounts for 20 lucky traders. Here's how to participate:

1. Navigate to the Funded Elite Official Giveaway Post:
   - Find and engage with the official giveaway post by Funded Elite on Twitter.

2. Complete Mentioned Tasks:
   - Engage with the post by liking, retweeting, or tagging friends as instructed in the giveaway post.

3. Stay Alert for Winner Announcement:
   - Keep an eye out for the announcement of the 20 lucky winners by Funded Elite after the giveaway ends on May 25, 2024.

4. Claim Your Prize:
   - Once the winners are announced, take a screenshot of the announcement and submit it via Funded Elite Discord by creating a ticket to contact the support team. Provide all necessary information and screenshots to claim the challenge trading account.

By following these steps and meeting the requirements, you can participate in the Funded Elite Challenge Accounts Giveaway for a chance to win a Trading Challenge Account and potentially receive a funded account with withdrawable profits.
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