SunCrypto Bitcoin Token Reward | BTC Worth Reward

SunCrypto Bitcoin Token Reward 

SunCrypto, an India-based cryptocurrency exchange, has announced a reward program starting from April 1st, offering 250rs worth of Bitcoin to all new registered traders upon completing KYC and first trade. During the campaign, traders can earn additional BTC worth up to 400rs by referrals. Participants can hold or withdraw their earned BTC directly to their bank without any conditions.

How to Participate:

1. Navigate to the official SunCrypto application.

2. Register for a New Account: Create a new account using the application and use referral code 842241 to be eligible for the BTC reward.

3. Complete KYC Verification: After registration, complete the KYC verification process. There are two options available:
   - Option 1: Fill in your PAN ID after receiving KYC verification steps via email.
   - Option 2: Submit KYC documents.

4. Receive Bitcoin Token: Upon successful KYC verification, participants will instantly receive 100rs worth of Bitcoin cryptocurrency tokens in their portfolio BTC tab.

Profit Withdrawal:

Participants are eligible to withdraw their earned Bitcoin rewards by selling them for INR. During the selling process, ensure that the portfolio value of the Bitcoin token has increased to at least 102 -105rs, as a 1% TDS fee will be deducted. After selling BTC to INR rupees, 

following these steps:

Sell BTC to INR: Navigate to your portfolio and tap on BTC. Sell 100% of your BTC tokens to INR.
Add Payment Information: Go to your profile and add your banking details under the Banking & Payment section.

Withdraw INR: After adding your bank details, you can withdraw your earned INR directly to your bank account without any conditions


The SunCrypto Bitcoin reward campaign is only available for Indian cryptocurrency users and is for a limited time period.

Participants can earn additional BTC rewards through referrals, receiving 100rs worth of Bitcoin for each successful referral who completes KYC and trades

There is no specific end date mentioned for this campaign, but users will be notified two days before its conclusion via SunCrypto's social media handles.

This reward program by SunCrypto offers Indian traders the opportunity to earn Bitcoin rewards through registration, KYC verification, trading activities, and referrals, with the flexibility to withdraw their earnings directly to their bank accounts.
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