CashFlowFunding Free Funded Account

CashFlowFunding Free Funded Account

CashFlowFunding has introduced a game-changing feature, CFFPs (CashFlowFunding Points), allowing traders to earn daily points to claim their Challenge accounts for free. By accumulating CFFPs, traders can unlock a well-deserved 100% discount on their Challenge accounts.

How to Get a Challenge Account:

1. Navigate to the Official CashFlowFunding Platform.

2. Sign Up and Verify Your Email: Fill in the necessary signup information and verify your email to access your dashboard.

3. Claim CFFPs Points: Upon logging into your dashboard, locate the CFFPs point claim tab. You can claim CFFPs points every 24 hours.

4. Eligibility for Challenge Account: To qualify for a Challenge account, you must accumulate a minimum of 79 CFFPs points, equivalent to $79. 

5. Purchase Challenge Account: Once you have collected the required CFFPs points, use them to claim your 10K Standard Challenge Account. 

Challenge Account Conditions:

- Phase One: Achieve an 8% profit.
- Phase Two: Achieve a 5% profit.
- Loss Limit: both phases Avoid a maximum daily loss of 5% or an overall loss of 12% based on your total equity.

Failure to meet these criteria will result in disqualification.
- However, traders can use CFFPs points to restart the challenge if needed.

After meeting the requirements, traders receive a Funded account with no profit target. However, a maximum daily loss of 5% or an overall loss of 12% is allowed. Profits generated in this account can be withdrawn every 7 days, with an 80% profit split.

Additionally, traders receive a refundable fee after their second withdrawal.


CashFlowFunding does not offer Contracts for Difference (CFDs) to residents of certain jurisdictions, including North Korea and Sudan.
- CFFPs points are available for claiming every 24 hours on the main dashboard.
Challenge Account features unlimited weekend holding, and Expert Advisors (EAs) are allowed.

CashFlowFunding, launched officially on February 7, 2024, and service live on 9th Feb, overall provides traders the best opportunities to start trading, improve their skills, and obtain a funded account.
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