Alpha Prop Traders Evaluation Account Free

Alpha Prop Traders Evaluation Account

Alpha Prop Traders (APT), a trading prop firm, offers every trader the opportunity to access a free evaluation account, enabling them to participate in trading activities. By completing simple tasks, traders can become eligible for a free $10,000 account provided by APT.

How to Participate:

To participate in the campaign, follow these steps:

1. Navigate the official Alpha Prop Traders promo post to access the campaign details.

2. Complete the Mentioned Task:
   - Follow the instructions provided in the promo post and complete the specified task. Ensure to take a screenshot as proof.

3. Submit Your Screenshot:
   - Send your screenshot to Alpha Prop Traders via email at

4. Once submitted, the Alpha Prop support team will review your submission, and upon approval, you will receive your account details.

Profit Conditions:

To qualify for profit withdrawal in the $10k Evaluation account challenge, traders must meet the following conditions across the three phases:

- Trader Account Starting Balance: $10,000
- Profit Targets for Each Phase:
  - Phase 1: Profit Target of +7%
  - Phase 2: Profit Target of +4%
  - Phase 3: Profit Target of +3%
- Drawdown Type: Balance Based
- Maximum Daily Loss (%): Limited to 4%
- Maximum Loss (%): Limited to 8%

Upon meeting these requirements, traders receive a funded account. There is no specific profit target, but profit withdrawal becomes eligible after the first executed trade on the funded account, starting 30 days from the initial trade. Additionally, traders can apply for profit withdrawal of up to 90% within the next 14 days.

Take advantage of the Alpha Prop Traders Free Evaluation Account to hone your trading skills and potentially earn a funded account, adhering to the specified rules and conditions for profit withdrawal.
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