Bybit Web3 10,000 USDT Pool Party Airdrop Giveaways

Bybit Web3 10,000 USDT Pool Party Airdrop Giveaways  

Bybit, a cryptocurrency trading exchange platform, is hosting the Bybit Web3 10,000 USDT Pool Party exclusively for Bybit Web3 users. To participate in this event, users need to complete simple tasks and submit their $SOL token address. The event is valid until March 31, 2024, and winners will be randomly selected to win from a prize pool of 10,000 $USDT on the $SOL blockchain

How to Participate

1. Navigate to Bybit: Complete the signup process on Bybit.
2. Level 1 Account Verification: Summit Level 1 account verification (KYC) as required by Bybit.
3. Complete Tasks: Complete the following three tasks mentioned by Bybit in the form:
    a. Check Bybit Web3 post.
    b. Tweet about the event and tag three friends.

    c. Submit SOL Address: After completing the mentioned tasks, submit your SOL address in the provided Bybit form.

How to Get SOL Address in Bybit Web3  

1. Open the Bybit App and tap on the Web3 section.
2. Switch to the Web3 Wallet.
3. Scroll to the left side or tap the wallet section and select Solana (SOL).
4. Copy the SOL Deposit address provided.
- If you don't see the Solana, update your Bybit app to the latest version and try again.


Reward Distribution

Rewards will be distributed 14 days after the event ends. 
- prizes will be distributed according to:

Profit Opportunity 

Upon receiving the reward in Bybit Web3 Wallet, participants can directly transfer or swap their SOL to USDT and withdraw it using the Bybit P2P method.


The event runs from March 1 to March 31, 2024.

Residents of certain countries, including Canada, China, France, Singapore, the United Kingdom, the United States, Spain, Australia, Germany, Hong Kong, and the Netherlands, may not be eligible to participate in the Bybit Web3 Event.
Participation in the Web3 10,000 USDT Pool Party Airdrop is free to join and does not require any investment.
Bybit reserves the right to modify the terms of the event without prior notification to users.

Ensure compliance with the event rules and regulations outlined by Bybit to participate successfully in the Bybit Web3 10,000 USDT Pool Party Airdrop Giveaways.
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