Bitget Crypto Welcome fund up to $100

Bitget Cash Reward up to $100

Bitget, a prominent cryptocurrency exchange and web3 company, has announced a Crypto Giveaway introducing Bitget up to $100 USDT reward for all users. Participants can join the event by completing simple tasks and linking their Bitget account to Telegram to be eligible to receive rewards, and all USDT rewards can be withdrawn after meeting conditions.

How to Participate:

1. For New users.
 - Complete signup on the Bitget platform. Ended
 - after opening the Bitget telegram Telegram assistant.
 - After meeting profit withdrawal condition.

2. For Existing user 
 - Open Bitget Tap on your profile and choose to link your telegram account.

Note: If you have difficulties opening the Telegram assistant link, avoid using VPN. Instead, copy the URL and replace "" with "" before trying again

3. After redirecting to the Bitget Assistant on Telegram, tap "Launch Bitget," and the $100 Welcome pack will appear. No action is required to automatically claim the USDT reward up to $100 chance.

Profit Condition:

When participants receive random USDT rewards, they cannot directly withdraw them from their Bitget account. To qualify for withdrawal,
- Participants need to invite 1 new friend. Once done, they can immediately claim the USDT  reward in their Bitget account.
-  During withdrawal, participants need to log in to their KYC 1 verified Bitget account on Telegram. Afterward, they can use reward trade or direct withdrawal using the Bitget P2P method.

Additionally: Bitget $5 No Deposit Bonus

Bitget offers a $5 USDT Margin Trade similar no deposit bonus terms and conditions for random users based on user activity. 
The $5 USDT Margin Trade bonus appears in the coupon section tab, and traders can claim and use it in the margin trading segment. 
- All profits generated can be transferred and withdrawn. 
- During profit withdrawal or transfer, the $5 margin trading bonus is removed, and the remaining profit can be transferred or withdrawn.


The Bitget offer is available in most countries, and all Bitget users can participate in the event. Additionally, the event ends on March 23.

Participants receive random USDT rewards up to $100.

Biget $5 Margin trade fund was received randomly from your coupon section.

The offer comes with no deposit terms and conditions, and all profit rewards can be claimed after referring one new user.

Bitget is providing exciting opportunities for new users to earn rewards and engage with their platform.

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