AquaFunded Challenge Account Giveaway

AquaFunded Challenge Account Giveaway

AquaFunded, a Trading firm platform, is introducing the "10x 10k AquaFunded Account Giveaways" from May 15th. Traders now have the opportunity to participate in the giveaway by completing simple tasks, with winners announced after 72 hours and receiving a free AquaFunded Challenge amount.

Follow these simple steps to participate:

1. Open the AquaFunded giveaway post on their official account.

2. Follow Mentioned Steps: Follow the steps mentioned in the giveaway post:
   - Follow @AquaFunded official account.
   - Like, retweet, and Comment by tagging four traders in the giveaway post.
   - Engage with AquaFunded pinned post.

3. Stay Alert for Winner Announcement: Watch for the AquaFunded announcement of the 10 lucky winners after 72 hours.

4. Once the winners are announced, traders should take a screenshot and submit it via AquaFunded Discord, creating a ticket to contact the support team. Provide necessary information and screenshots to claim the challenge trading account.

Profit Withdraw Condition:

To qualify for profit withdrawal, traders must meet the following conditions in the $10k challenge account, which has two phases:

1. Phase One: Achieve an 8% profit and Phase Two: Achieve a 5% profit and avoid a maximum 5% loss daily or overall 8% loss percentage. Failure to meet these criteria will lead to disqualification.

After meeting the above requirements, traders receive Funded account. There is no profit target, but a maximum 5% daily loss or overall 8% loss is allowed. Profits generated in this account can be withdrawn weekly, with a 90% profit split.


- The AquaFunded challenge account starts on May 15th and is valid for the next 72 hours.
- Only a maximum of 10 users will receive the $10k challenge account as giveaway winners.

This AquaFunded Account Giveaway presents traders with a unique opportunity to win and utilize a challenge account with profit withdrawal possibilities.
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