MetaCene OKX Quiz Answers | Learn to Earn Airdrop

MetaCene OKX Quiz Learn to Earn Airdrop

OKX Exchange introduces the Cryptopedia MetaCene Quiz Airdrop Learn to Earn event prize pool of $300,000 in $MAK tokens for all OKX web3 Wallet users. Participants are to complete 3 tasks while exploring MetaCene next-gen blockchain on the OKX exchange platform.

How to Participate

1. Open the OKX exchange app.
2. Complete OKX level 1 verification.
3. Switch OKX to Wallet from the top toggle.
4. Create a wallet and set a password, ensuring to back up your key and phrase.
5. Tap the Discover tab at the bottom to access the Discover page, then tap the MetaCene (Claim MAK Everyday) box.
6. Complete all 3 tasks: daily check-in, social media following, and MetaCena Quiz Answers.

After completing the above tasks, participants will be verified and eligible for the MetaCena $300,000 in $MAK token prize pool reward.

Metacene OKX Quiz 

Q. Which cross-chain bridge can be used to swap tokens to the Rangers Protocol ecosystem?

Q. When will the MetaCene Commercial version be launched?
A. 2024 Q3

Q. Where can you Trade Metacene related NFT?
A. Element, OKX, OpenSea, and Blur

Q. How many kinds of ores are required to synthesize 1 MUD in MetaCene?
 A. 5 (Five)

Q. Which gas token is used for transactions in MetaCene?

Q. When was the MetaCene Alpha Test 2.0?
 A. Thursday, Nov 30 CST 2023

Q. What is the full name of MAN NFT?

Q. Which token will be airdropped to CeCe Cube Holders?

Q. What does SBT stand for?
 A. Soul Bound Token

Q. What is the supply of the CeCe Cube?
 A. 2997

Completing only 6 quiz questions accurately will help to pass task 2 Metacene quiz. the chances of participating users in claiming the rewards offered by OKX Exchange in collaboration with MetaCene.
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