Jalapeno $JELA Token Crypto Airdrop Wave 2 | Updated

Jalapeno $JELA Token Crypto Airdrop

Jalapeno Finance has introduced the $JALA Token Airdrop 1st wave on the Ethereum chain, eligible to participants complete simple tasks and get $JALA tokens Airdrop entry. However, it's important to note that According to Jalapeno participants will need to actively claim airdrop each wave and withdraw these tokens once they are listed on the live market.

Requirements to Participate

1. Visit Jalapeno Finance Airdrop Post: Access the $JALA Airdrop post to participate in the event.

2. Complete Simple Tasks and Submit Screenshots: Follow @jalapenofinance on Twitter and join the $JALA Telegram group. Take screenshots of each task and submit them in form.

3. Enter Your Email Address: Submit your email address to participate in the airdrop and receive notifications when rewards are distributed.

4. Submit ERC20 Wallet Address: Provide an Ethereum-based ERC-20 wallet address (e.g., Metamask) and proceed. After completing the last task, retweet the airdrop post.

After completing all the steps, stay calm and stay tuned. Make sure to continue following on Twitter and Telegram. If you unfollow or exit the group, you will not be eligible for the Airdrop Claim.

Reward Distribution

After the $JALA crypto wave 1 airdrop ends and rewards are distributed, participants will receive a 15-digit key via email. Copy this unique key and paste it into the official JALA website to claim your Airdrop tokens.

Update on $JALA  Airdop

Jalapeno Finance announced on February 18, 2024, that the $JALA Token Airdrop wave 2 has officially commenced. Participants joining now will earn 2.5 $JALA until the membership reaches 10k. Wave 2 has concluded.

The event started on February 7 and ended after reaching 5k followers on Twitter (ended on Feb 15).
During the $JALA Crypto Token Airdrop wave 1, each user received an airdrop of 5 $JALA tokens.


The $JALA community airdrop unfolds in three wave phases, each with specific $JALA tokens per participant. 
- Wave 1 Reward: 5 $JALA tokens per participant.
- The $JALA Token airdrop 1st wave is valid for the first 5,000 users.
- Claiming Period: The rewards for each wave will be claimable over a period of 90 days, following a first-come, first-served basis.
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