BitKan $10 Futures Trading

BitKan $10 Futures Trading  

BitKan cryptocurrency exchange platform introduces the BitKan x Binance $100,000 Futures Trading Carnival event from February 7 to March 3, 2024. During this event, all new registered users will receive a $10 Future trading bonus after verifying their Future Trading account and completing first future trading task. Additionally, any profits generated from the $10 USDT  Futures Trial Voucher can be transferred or withdrawn after the event ends.

How to Get $10 Future Trading Bonus on BitKan:  

Follow these simple steps:

1. Navigate to the official promo BitKan page and sign up, then verify your email.

2. Open the BitKan app, log in, tap on the "K" icon, and select the latest tap.

3. Look for the event offer banner, tap on it, and select the free gift $10 Future trading reward.

4. Complete 2 tasks to be eligible to receive the $10 USDT.

    Task 2 requires deposit and the first future trade.
After completing the above requirement participate user is eligible to apply the $10 and wait for BitKan to verify and credit automatically.

Profit Withdrawal Conditions:  

The $10 USDT Future Trial trading bonus can only be used for the first Binance futures trade on BitKan, and it cannot be transferred to the wallet.
- However, any profits made from the $10 USDT Futures trading bonus can be transferred or withdrawn after the event ends.


Before accepting the offer, check the offer eligibility via customer chat.
Also, this event comes with a deposit and trade condition to be eligible to get $10 future trading bonus.

The event will undergo rigorous inspection. BitKan reserves the right to disqualify any participants.
Additionally, BitKan reserves the right to cancel or amend the Event or Event rules at any time and for any reason without prior notice.
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