1BusinessNetwork Free $5k Funding Challenge Trading Account

1BusinessNetwork Free $5k Trading Account

1BusinessNetwork, a proprietary trading platform, offers a program to receive a free $5,000 trading account for all new registered traders. To be eligible for this program, traders need to sign up, submit necessary details, trade profitably, and receive upto 50% of the profit from their account forever.

Requirements to Participate

1. Visit the Official 1BusinessNetwork Promo Page: Navigate to the official 1BusinessNetwork promo page to access the program.

2. Fill Up Necessary Details: Fill out the form with necessary details or provide your Discord ID and address.

3. Wait for Account Details: After submitting the form, wait for up to 48 hours to receive the trading account details in the registration email. 

4. Join 1BusinessNetwork Discord: Join the 1BusinessNetwork Discord channel and choose the Free $5,000 Forex account option. Then, claim the free $5,000 credited account.

5. Pass 3 Phase: After receiving the account details, traders need to pass each phase by achieving specific profit targets. Phase 1 requires a 6% profit, phase 2: 8%, and phase 3: 5%.

Once the trader achieves a 10% profit ($500), they can apply for withdrawal.

- Note that currently 1BusinessNetwork provide challenge account server under The5ers.

Phase -1 challange account size 1BusinessNetwork Free $5k Trading Account

Consider trading rule

- If traders face signup problems, they should contact customer chat support for assistance

- The $5,000 program starts with three phases: $10,000 account for phase 1, $5,000 for phase 2, and $5,000 for phase 3.

- also daily loss limit of $300 and a maximum loss of $600 allowed for traders. After passing all three phases, the trader receives a $5,000 funded account.

- Holding open trades over news is allowed but Executing orders 2 minutes before until 2 minutes after high-impact news is not allowed.

Challenge accounts phase without trading activity for more than 21 calendar days will get expire.

- Traders can withdraw up to 50% of their profits when they meet the trading requirements.

- If a trader fails to pass the challenge account, they have three chances to reattempt.

This program by 1BusinessNetwork offers an excellent opportunity for traders to receive a funded trading account and earn profits while trading. Make sure to fulfill the requirements and guidelines.

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