TrexTrade $100 Trail Fund 2024

TrexTrade $100 Forex Trading Trial Fund

TrexTrade welcomes 2024 with new opportunities! From January 1st to January 31st, verified TrexTrade traders have the chance to experience trading with a $100 trial fund. This risk-free trading capital allows the use $100 trading fund and earn profits that are withdrawable after meeting TrexTrade terms and conditions. 

Update: Offers a duration time extension until  May 31st, 2024.

TrexTrade No Deposit Bonus

Commonly referred to as the "Trex no deposit bonus," its official promotion name is the "Trextrade $100 Free Trail Fund." It's important to understand that this promotional offer requires a deposit condition for eligibility to withdraw profits.

How to Claim the TrexTrade $100 Trading Fund:

Claiming the $100 bonus from TrexTrade is a simple process. Follow these steps:

1. Visit the official TrexTrade platform.

2. Provide the necessary information to create your account and undergo the verification process.

3. Open a trading account and request the $100 trial fund via Customer Chat. Once your account is verified, the $100 bonus will be credited within 3 working days.

4. Trade and achieve a minimum of $30 and a maximum of $50 in profit in the trading trial fund account.

5. Contact customer support to request a profit transfer to the real account.

Profit Withdrawal Conditions:

When it comes to profit withdrawal, there are specific conditions to consider:

1. Bonus Withdrawal Restrictions: The bonus amount itself is not withdrawable, but profits earned from trading can be transferred to the real trading account upon request.

2. Profit Withdrawal Criteria: Certain criteria must be met to withdraw profits earned through trading. The maximum withdrawal is $50.

3. Deposit Requirement and Lot Completion: After receiving the trial fund profit in the real trading account, a deposit must be made, and a specific trading lot condition must be met.

- Trade a real account for 1 lot: Maximum profit withdrawal of 30 USD.
- Trade a real account for 2 lots: Maximum profit withdrawal of 50 USD.

For example, if a trader earned a total profit of $45 from the Trail fund program, they would need to trade non-virtual currency products for more than 2 lots in 15 days to be eligible for a profit withdrawal of $45.

Considerations Before Taking This Offer:

1. This program is exclusive to Vietnam country trader customers, and customers from other countries are temporarily not allowed to participate.

2. Each customer is eligible to participate only once, with the same IP address, similar ID card, or the same individual allowed to participate only once.

3. TrexTrade reserves the right to modify, suspend, and end the program. Additionally, the platform reserves the right to explain all relevant rules at any time.
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