Nostro Challenge Account Giveaways | Latest $5k Trading Acount

Nostro $5k Free Challenge Account Giveaways

Nostro, a prop firm services platform, periodically offers $5K Challange account giveaway promotions on their Discord channel, granting traders the chance to receive a Free $5k Challenge Account for the first 10k trader. Participants need to meet the challenge account rules, and upon successful completion, they can access a funded trading account with the opportunity to withdraw profits up to 85%.

How to Participate:

To be eligible for the $5k Challenge Account giveaways, follow these steps:

1. Visit the official website of Nostro Discord Channel

2. In the Discord server, navigate to the Nostro Community / updates server and select Free Acount Info 2 complete the mentioned tasks.

3. - After completing the tasks, claim the $5k - 3 Phase Challenge Account, and the details will be received email inbox.

4. Log in to your account in MetaTrader and begin trading, ensuring to meet the rules of each phase.

Profit withdraw condition 

Profit Withdrawal Conditions: 

Traders who receive the $5k - 3-step challenge account must meet certain conditions to qualify for a funded account and profit withdrawal:

Trader Account Starting Balance: $5,000 and Account Leverage: 1:30
  - Profit Target: 6% for each phase
  - Maximum Daily Loss (%): 3
  - Maximum Loss (%): 6
  - Maximum Time per Phase: 60 Days
Inactivity 14 Days (traders will be disqualified)

After meeting these requirements, traders receive a funded account. There is no profit target, but traders can apply for a minimum profit withdrawal of $100 after 14 days, which can be withdrawn with 85% profit split.


Participation in the Nostro giveaway offer is contingent upon completing Discord tasks.
- The Challenge Accounts undergo a three-stage evaluation process, and no purchase is necessary. Privacy is respected throughout.
- Challenge Accounts are non-transferable, and terms and conditions apply.
- Nostro reserves the right to change or end this offer at its discretion.

Take advantage of the Nostro $5k Free Challenge Account Giveaways to embark on your trading journey, adhering to the specified rules for eligibility and profit withdrawal.

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