Ice Token - Free Mining Project Ended | Final Update Ice Distribution Completed

Ice Token Network

Ice introduces a novel digital currency that can mined or earned directly from your mobile device. The Ice network is built on a foundation of community trust, with an expanding user base aiming to demonstrate the enduring value and versatile applications of digital currencies.

Final updated Ice token Distribution, (Updated Today )

On February 28, 2024, @@ice_z3us tweeted that distribution is complete, and we have successfully distributed $ICE coins to all eligible users. A heartfelt thank you to everyone for joining us on this journey.


Participants received Ice tokens, which you can transfer to listed exchanges like KuCoin, Bitget, and OKX, and convert Ice into USDT.

Public sources received the final Ice tokens after deducting a 30% fee in Ice tokens.

Update from Ice Project tweet on February 17

The mining Ice token coins of those who didn’t pass the Quiz are burned, reducing the total supply. 
In 5 days, accounts that haven’t completed the quiz within the 14-day window will see their coins burned, further diminishing the supply. 

How to participate:

1. Open Official Ice Mining Application: ( Ended ) Feb 27,2024

  - Skip the below post

2. Achievement Tasks:

  - Fulfill various achievement tasks available within the application.

3. Referral Code Bonus:

  - After using the referral code, you'll receive 10 Ice tokens.
  - Follow the Ice tutorial guide and initiate the mining process by tapping the 'Mine' button.
  - Mining automatically stops after 24 hours or needs to be restarted every 24 hours.

4. Add Ice token BNB Smart Chain Address:
   - Use OKX exchange and go > Deposit > search Ice token and copy the Ice token deposit address to receive tokens when the Ice token distribution starts on January 17th.
   - Ice token is confirmed to be listed on the OKX Exchange.

A) Install and use "77443600" as a referral code within the QKX Exchange app.
 - Open the OKX Exchange app, set up your wallet, and locate your BNB Smart Chain address.
 - Copy the BNB Smart Chain address and submit it in the Ice mining app.

5. Claim Daily Rewards and Referral Bonuses:
 - Regularly claim your daily rewards within the Ice mining app.
 - Share your referral link to increase your mining rate and rewards.
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