GRVT Crypto Airdrop

GRVT Crypto Airdrop

GRVT, the next-gen hybrid derivatives exchange, has initiated the GRVT Airdrop program, offering participants the opportunity to earn GRVT points. These points can be accumulated through various tasks such as following GRVT on Twitter or inviting friends to join, making participants eligible for future Airdrops and mysterious gift boxes.

Steps to Participate in the GRVT Airdrop:

1. Navigate to the Official GRVT Website: Visit the official website of GRVT to access the Airdrop program.

2. Choose Account Type: During signup Select the "Personal" account type.

3. Submit Email and Sign Up: Enter your email and sign up for the Airdrop program, ensuring to use a referral code if applicable.

4. Complete Tasks from the Library: Upon logging in, complete tasks listed in the task library to earn GRVT points.

 - Follow GRVT on Twitter.
 - Invite friends using your referral link and earn points for each successful referral.

5. Collect More Points: Continue completing tasks and inviting friends to accumulate more GRVT points and increase your chances of securing the GRVT Airdrop.

Upon the mainnet launch, participants will become eligible for GRVT token rewards distributed based on the Phase 1 and Phase 2 Airdrops, determined by the number of GRVT points earned.

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