GrandCapital $500 no deposit bonus

GrandCapital $500 No Deposit Bonus

GrandCapital, a trading broker operating under Introducing Broker (IB) partners, is offering  GrandCapital Free $500 No deposit bonus. This bonus is available for all new users who register under the GrandCapital IB link. Upon successful registration, eligible users receive an instant $500 real trading account for 7 days. Profits generated are withdrawable after meeting certain terms and conditions.

Steps to Claim the $500 Trading Fund:

1. Complete the registration process via the GrandCapital IB link.

2. Submit necessary details such as name and email during signup.

3. Upon registration, an instant $500 Welcome Bonus Account will be sent to the user's registered email.

4. Log in to MT4, select the GrandCapital Server (GrandCapital-Real), and log in to the trading account.

5. Start trading with the $500 bonus and ensure compliance with the terms and conditions.

GrandCapital $500 Trading fund

Profit Withdrawal Conditions:

Understanding the withdrawal conditions is crucial for a well-informed trading experience:

After receiving the $500 trading fund, traders can use this fund for 7 days (from the date of credit). After 7 days, the $500 fund is removed, but the profit amount remains available.

According to Grand Capital, to unlock the profit amount, traders should deposit the same or higher amount than the profit on the $500 Welcome Bonus account, but not less than $10 within 7 (seven) calendar days.

To convert profit into a withdrawable amount, trade 1 lot for every $5 of profit.

Traders can withdraw the profit amount after meeting the lot conditions depending your the profit amount.

For example:

Suppose a trader (Y) made a profit of $10 in the $500 Welcome Account. To be eligible for profit withdrawal, trader (Y) deposits the same amount in the trading account, according to GrandCapital.

To be eligible for profit withdrawal must complete trading lots: ($10/5) = 2 lots.

if the trader made a profit $100 in the welcome acount required to unlock profit : (100/5) = 20lots

After the trade, the trader must submit a withdrawal request with the subject: "$500 - No Deposit Bonus - Transfer of Ownership of a Bonus", including the account number and name.

Before Claiming:

Important notices to consider before claiming the bonus:

Traders often refer to it as the “GrandCapital $500 No Deposit Bonus,” but its official name is GrandCapital Free $500 for trading.

The $500 Trading fund is exclusively accessible through IB links for newly registered clients.

After 7 days, if a trader's profit is less than $100, the trading account changes to a micro account type. If the profit exceeds $100, the trading account changes to a standard account type, and Both account types have leverage up to 1:100.

Trading through an anonymous proxy server on the bonus account is prohibited, and fraudulent activities may lead to disqualification.

Multidirectional trading is prohibited in the bonus account, and violations may result in the cancellation of the bonus and part of the earned profit.

This GrandCapital $500 No Deposit Bonus provides an excellent opportunity for new traders to explore real trading without an initial deposit. Participants should carefully follow the terms and conditions to make the most of this promotional offer.

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