BRC App Airdrop Free $BRCT Token

$BRCT Airdrop on BRC App

BRC App, a Bitcoin ecosystem project that offers proprietary technology to transform Bitcoin wallet addresses into user-friendly brand names for mobile apps and domains etc, has recently announced the $BRCT Airdrop. All BRC App users are invited to participate in the $BRCT Airdrop, providing an opportunity to accumulate BRCT tokens. The process is straightforward, allowing users to earn additional BRCT by inviting friends to join the platform.

About BRCT Token

BRCT is the native token of the BRC App Ecosystem, serving a crucial role as both a utility token and a governance token within the platform. Its integration within the BRC App ensures seamless functionality and enhanced user engagement.

How to Join the BRC App Airdrop

1. Signup: Visit the official BRCApp website and sign up using your email address.
-  sign up code: BrcAirdrop

2. Confirm Email: Verify your email and enter the necessary details, including your unique username.

3. Connect Wallet: Enhance your BRC App experience by connecting your wallet. Add your Bitcoin and Ethereum addresses to seamlessly manage your assets.

4. Complete Daily Tasks:
   - Tweet: Earn 10 points per day by sharing your excitement about the BRC App on Twitter.
   - Invite a Friend: Gain 10 points every 24 hours by inviting friends to join the BRC App community.

The more tasks you complete, the more BRCT tokens you earn through the BRC Airdrop.

Join the BRC App Community

Don't miss out on this fantastic opportunity to be part of the BRC App Ecosystem. Embrace the future of Bitcoin wallet management with the BRC App and start earning BRCT tokens today, with the possibility of earning profits through this airdrop.

Recent Updates from BRC App Tweet

12th January 2024: 
BRC App Growth Journey to 10 Million Users Starts on Monday: Mobile App, Listings, and Leading BTC Ecosystem Adoption. Additionally, an announcement was made about upcoming new $BRCT listings, marketing events, and new IDOs.

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