Satoshi $Core Crypto Mining App | OpenEX withdrawal Updated

Satoshi Crypto Mining

The Satoshi Crypto Mining app allows users to mine crypto airdrop tokens using mobile phones. The main token in this app is called $CORE, Participants can be mining Free New Crypto tokes, and $CORE tokens through a giveaway, and there are referral rewards to increase mining rates.

How to Participate:

1. Sign up for the official Satoshi Mining platform.

2. Create a new account and verify your face identity.

3. Open the main dashboard and participate in the latest Crypto airdrop projects.

4. Claim rewards by rechecking every 24 hours. Each hour of mining airdrop tokens credits your airdrop dashboard. You can claim the reward with one tap, with a maximum of 25 daily rounds of mining rewards valid. Ensure to participate and claim the reward within the 25-round limit.

5. Collect tokens daily until they are listed on exchange platforms, and consider selling or trading them for potentially higher prices.

How to withdraw 

April 13, 2024: The withdrawal function on Satoshi Mining becomes active. Participants need to link their OpenEX wallet address to qualify for Crypto airdrop withdrawal.

Steps to Bind OpenEX Wallet:

1. Navigate to the Asset section in Satoshi Mining and select OEX.
2. Create a wallet address by setting a password and noting it down.
4. Submit your OEX wallet address and Complete face verification. 
  - before the April 29th deadline.

Example :

How to Get OEX Wallet Address In MetaMask

1. Create Metamask: Use Metamask Web3 browse visit official and Select the sign-in tab.
2. Add Core Network to Metamask.
3. Choose OpenEX (OEX) Token and copy your OpenEX wallet address.

Profit Opportunity:

Once you receive OpenEX tokens in your wallet, they can be traded on live crypto markets and listed on crypto exchange platforms. You can choose to sell or hold your crypto to book profits in USDT.

Important Updates

OpenEX Crypto Mining End: The OpenEX crypto token mining will end soon after reaching its 100-token mining allocation limit. Participants who have earned tokens can withdraw them starting from an estimated date of April 13, 2024.

New Project Introduction: On April 7th, at 12:00 AM UTC, SatoshiAPP introduced a new project called Glyph Exchange. Users can participate in the OG Airdrop by accessing the project section in the Satoshi app and participating in the Glyph token mining process.

How to Increase Mining Rate:

1. Referral Method:

- Recruit teammates to run your team, increasing your team's hash rate.

- Directly recruited teammates contribute 20% of their effective hash to your team hash.

- Teammates contribute to their team's hash, and their own hash is not affected.

2. HashCard:

- Use HashCard to swap hash cards between users, increasing hash power.

- Participate to receive hash cards, and tap on HashCard to initiate and share with your code other users to increase hash power.

3. GiftCard:

- Share your gift card with another Satoshi miner user, and they apply the gift card to get hash power.

- Both users receive increased hash power by sharing and applying gift cards.

How to Earn $CORE Token:

- Participate in the CORE Giveaway by earning "votes points" based on the number of successfully invited users in the last week.

- Use vote points to participate in the Lucky Word competition (POW) where users predict the next word and invest their vote points.

- After the results are announced, participants receive $CORE tokens in their wallets based on correct guesses.

Additional Considerations and Rules:

- Users can earn vote points based on the number of new miners recruited last week.

- Vote points are automatically restored daily at 12:15 (UTC).

- Vote for three alphabets [P, O, W], and the system randomly selects a lucky alphabet daily.

- Rewards are distributed to those with the correct bet, and the more votes you put on the correct alphabet, the higher your chances of getting a reward.

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