Avive Token Airdrop - Free Mining Project | Avive token 2nd Withdraw

Avive Token - Free Mining Project

Avive is a Universal Basic Income (UBI) project that operates on the Proof of Networking Protocol. The native token, $AVIVE, is crucial for the Avive Layer 2 ecosystem. It powers a geosocial protocol, supporting economic alignment and creating an interconnected autonomous world—a sort of Metaverse for Sovereign Social Networking. The Avive application, the first app on the Avive protocol, allows users to claim Avive Mining airdrops through simple clicks and interactions.

Announces Avive token listing on OKX Exchanger on December 19, 2023, @10 am UTC.

Avive Update

On January 23, 2024, Avive announced on Twitter that 

Avive airdrop is now live. If you've opted for the airdrop via your #OKX UID in the Avive KYC application, tokens will be automatically distributed to your OKX account with no further action required. 

This marks the second distribution of Avive Tokens for eligible users. To manually check eligibility and initiate withdrawals via AviveWorld site using your registered Gmail. 

- Keep in mind that the number of tokens received may vary based on individual KYC scores, and users must have successfully completed both Avive KYC 1 and KYC 2.

How to Get Avive Coin and Participate in Airdrop:

1. Install official the Avive application and OKX exchange app.

2. Complete the registration process for both applications.

- Use "ji2d15" as a referral code for additional benefits in Avive.

- Use "77443600" as a referral code for additional benefits in QKX.

Start mining and participate in the Avive airdrop.

Avive Token Mining App Steps:

- Open the Avive app every hour and click on "claim" to receive Avive tokens daily.

- Invite more friends to increase your Avive coin mining speed.

OKX Exchange Avive Airdrop Claim Steps:

Before claiming complete OKX lv 2 verification. and flow these steps.

1. Open the App and select Wallet from the top toggle

2. Create a wallet or import an existing one. Then, tap the Discover tab at the bottom to access the Discover page, and tap Avive Cryptopedia

3. Contact Avive to OKx wallet After completing the received Avive token, 

- Use the OKX Wallet for exclusive benefits: Avive Daily Check-in allows you to claim 2 $VV (Avive) tokens each day.

- Engage in Avive quizzes to earn additional rewards. Refer to the OKX post for a full Tutorial.

Collect Avive tokens until they are listed on platforms and consider selling them, anticipating a potentially higher price. Trade or exchange for cashout.

Avive Contract Address and Token Unlock Conditions:

Avive announces its listing on OKX on December 19, 2023, at @10 am UTC.

To unlock Avive tokens, complete KYC in two phases, fill up wallet addresses or OKX User IDs in the Avive mining app.

Participants are encouraged to collect Avive tokens until the listing date. If you face difficulty finding Avive tokens, you can manually add your OKX wallet. Just copy the contract address and choose "Arbitrum " as the network.

Asset name: Avive

Ticker: AVIVE

Total supply: 10,000,000,000

Contract address:0x5117f4ad0bc70dbb3b05bf39a1ec1ee40dd67654

After Avive token in Listing Okx:

Listing Date: December  @10 am UTC 19, 2023, Avive token Price: Live in OKX, AVIVE/USDT spot trading when opens.

- After listing on OKX, Avive miners can transfer up to 30% of tokens, depending on the Avive geospatial protocol.

AVIVE withdrawals open on December 21, 2023, at 10:00 am UTC.

Participate in Avive mining and airdrop to potentially benefit from the upcoming OKK listing and the projects.

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