FundedNext Account Giveaway

FundedNext Account Giveaway

FundedNext is changing the game with its recent, introduction of the "FundedNext brand promise" on November 21, 2023. Traders now have the opportunity to enjoy fast withdrawals with guaranteed payouts within 24 hours. If they ever miss this mark, FundedNext promises to pay an extra $1000. 

However, Today:  FundedNext offering a GIVEAWAY. 7 lucky followers will receive a $25k steller -1 step challenge account.

FundedNext Giveaway |  How to Participate

1. Visit the FundedNext website and complete the registration.

2. Sign up with the required information (no KYC requirement).

3. Open Instagram and visit the FundedNext giveaway post.

4. Follow participation requirements: 

- Follow and Comment on This Post: How has the 24-Hour Payout Guarantee influenced your confidence in trading with FundedNext?

- Top best 7 comments and they will receive the $25K Stellar 1-Step Challenge.

5. Stay alert for the FundedNext announcement of the lucky winners within working days.

6. Winners receive a $25k steller -1 step challenge coupon to use in the FundedNext dashboard billing section to claim a challenge account.

Profit Withdrawal Conditions 

To qualify for profit withdrawal, traders must meet the following conditions in the $25k steller account challenge phase:

1. Achieve the 10% Profit Target:

2. Adhere to Maximum Daily or Overall Loss:

- don't Break the maximum 3% daily or overall 6% percentage loss will lead to disqualification.

Once these conditions are met, traders can start trading on the FundedNext Account with an 80% profit split, which can increase up to 95% based on their performance.

FundedNext Account

After receiving the FundedNext account, the same rule applies, not including the profit target. You have the decision on how much profit you want to make.

To be eligible to withdraw all profits after the closed first trade and FundedNext profit sharing, including the challenge phase 15%, plus a FundedNext account profit of 95% and the refund challenge account phase fee as well.

Additional Points to Consider

- The swap-free account option is available for an additional fee.

- Stellar accounts allow News Trading, Weekend Holding, Expert Advisors, and Trade Copiers.

- Always use one device with one IP address.

- There is no time limit to achieve the profit target.

- Participants must meet a minimum trading requirement of at least 5 trading days.


Q: How do I participate in the FundedNext GIVEAWAY?

A: Visit the FundedNext website, complete registration, and follow the specified steps mentioned in the giveaway post on Instagram.

Q: Is KYC required for signing up?

A: No, there is no KYC requirement for signing up on FundedNext.

Q: What happens if I break the rules in the account steller step 1 phase?

A: Breaking the rules in the setter step 1 phase, such as not achieving the 10% profit target or exceeding the maximum daily or overall loss, will lead to disqualification.

Q: What is the profit split percentage during the challenge phase?

A: Traders receive a 15% share of the account profits from FundedNext during the challenge phase.

Q: Can I use multiple devices/IP addresses during the challenge?

A: No, participants must always use one device with one IP address.

Q: Is there a time limit to achieve the profit target?

A: No, there is no specific time limit to achieve the profit target; traders can trade at their own pace.


The FundedNext GIVEAWAY offers traders an exciting opportunity to win a $25k steller -1 step challenge account. With fast withdrawals and guaranteed payouts, FundedNext is setting new standards in the trading industry. Remember, it's not just a giveaway; it's a chance to enhance your trading journey with FundedNext's unique challenges and profit-sharing opportunities.

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