Islamic Coin Airdrop

Islamic Coin Airdrop
Islamic Coin Airdrop

Islamic Coin Airdrop

Islamic Coin is a halal digital crypto asset designed to provide value to the Muslim community. It operates on the native HAQQ blockchain, adhering strictly to Islamic Finance principles.

Purposeful Community Crypto Asset: Islamic Coin serves as a native coin on the HAQQ blockchain. When a new Islamic Coin is minted, 10% of the issued amount is deposited into an Evergreen DAO. These funds are earmarked for further investment in projects beneficial to the Muslim community or donated to Islamic charities. This introduces a groundbreaking concept of a coin directly contributing to a community's economic well-being.

Islamic Coin Listing Announcement: It's official! ISLM is set to launch on @kucoincom and other top exchanges on October 10th.

In this post, we'll cover two Islamic Coin airdrops.

1. 1000 ISLM Coin Bonus from Haqqex

First, visit the Haqqex exchange and Sign up and receive 20 ISLM (or 30 ISLM for referral registration).
- These funds will appear in your ISLM bonus account after the exchange launch and successful verification (KYC).
- Invite a friend and earn an extra 10 ISLM for each registered and verified friend. Your friend will receive 30 ISLM instead of 20 ISLM.
- Note that, before the exchange launches, the number of verified users will be zero.

2. ISLAMIC Token Giveaway from the Islamic Coin Community

Prizes: $4,000 USDT for 100 winners, with each winner receiving $40.
To participate in the giveaway, follow these steps:
- Go to Twitter and like, follow, and retweet the Islamic Coin community giveaway post.
- Comment on the post and tag three of your friends.
- The giveaway will run for 48 hours.

Please make sure to follow the rules and guidelines provided in the announcements and participate in these activities responsibly. If you have any specific questions or need further information, you can refer to the official sources of Islamic Coin and Haqqex for clarification.
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