Airdrop 20 $NPT Neopin Gift box

Neopin Airdrop 20 $NPT
Neopin Airdrop 20 $NPT

Neopin Airdrop: Get Up to 20 NPTs in a Guaranteed Gift Box

Neopin is offering an exciting airdrop opportunity for all new sign-ups until the end of NEOPIN Membership Season 1. Participants can receive a guaranteed Gift Box containing up to 20 NPT tokens. Here's all you need to know about this event:

Event Details:

- Prize: Gift Box containing up to 20 NPT tokens

- End Date: End of NEOPIN Membership Season 1

How to Participate:

1. Download the Neopin App: Start by downloading the Neopin app from the Play Store.

2. Complete Signup and Verification: Sign up for an account on Neopin and complete the necessary account verification process.

3. Enter the Promo Code: During the signup process, enter the below promo code 


4. Receive Your Reward: After the end of NEOPIN Membership Season 1 in October, all participants who joined the event will receive a Gift Box in their Neopin Wallet. The Gift Box will also include the NEOPIN Membership Season 1 reward.

5. Random Amount of NPT Tokens: The Gift Box will contain a random amount of NPT tokens, with the possibility of receiving up to 20 NPTs.

About Neopin

NEOPIN is a comprehensive crypto finance platform offering various DeFi services like Yield Farming, Swap, and Staking. It aims to provide users with effortless asset accumulation opportunities. Unlike address-based DeFi projects that are vulnerable, Neopin offers a safer and more secure DeFi experience.

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