Woxa $50 No Deposit Bonus

Woxa $50 No Deposit Bonus

Woxa Broker introduces the Woxa $50 no deposit bonus for limited eligible countries. This trading fund can be credited after verification trader can start trading and withdraw all profits up to $200 with no deposit conditions. Additionally, please note that this offer is valid only in limited countries.

Claiming the Bonus: A Step-By-Step Guide:

1. Complete Registration: Begin by searching for 'Woxa' and completing the registration process.

2. Required Information for Profile: Ensure all necessary information for your profile is provided.

3. Verification Documents: Submit the required verification documents for your account.

4. Proof of Bank Account: Submit proof of your bank account for verification. This step is crucial.

5. Verified Phone Number: Ensure your phone number is verified.

6. Account Verification: Once your account is verified, go to your profile and switch your account from real to credit. Your $50 bonus will be instantly credited.

Note: If your bank is not listed in the broker's bank options, reach out to customer support to request adding your bank.

Withdrawal Conditions:

Woxa Broker has updated its withdrawal conditions. Profits from the bonus are now withdrawable after you successfully invite at least three people to join Woxa Broker.

1. Trade at least 5 different assets.

2. Only holding positions longer than 5 minutes will be considered for these conditions:

 - The exposure of Stocks must be above $10,000.

 - The exposure of non-stocks must be above $100,000.

(Exposure = Amount  Leverage; Example: Amount = 200 USD and Leverage x30, so exposure = 20030 = 6,000 USD)

When you meet the above condition, traders are eligible to withdraw profit. After the trader applies to become a partner with WOXA, the client must invite 3 or more friends through their referral link to unlock the maximum withdrawal up to Max $200.

- Zero invite: Trader eligible to withdraw only $50 max.

- 5 successfully invited traders: Eligible for a maximum withdrawal of up to $100.

- 10 successfully invited traders: Eligible for a maximum withdrawal of up to $200.

Note all data updated including profit condition and eligible country. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Who is eligible for the $50 No Deposit Bonus?

 - Eligible countries India, Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Indonesia. ( 11/07/2023 ) outdated.

 - Currently exclusively for Vietnam, Malaysia, and the Philippines countries. (21/02/2024) updated.

2. Can the $50 bonus be withdrawn directly?

 - No, the bonus itself cannot be withdrawn. However, profits earned from trading with the bonus can be withdrawn.

3. How is Woxa Broker regulated?

 - Woxa Broker operates under WOXA LTD., regulated by the Financial Services Commission of the Republic of Mauritius (FSC). The broker holds an Investment Dealer License with license number GB22200605. Its registered address is 30 St Georges Street, 3rd Floor, Manor House, Port Louis, MAURITIUS.

4. Is the bonus offer time-limited?

 - The availability period for the bonus is not specified in the provided information. It's recommended to check the official terms and conditions for confirmation.

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