$30 Welcome Bonus with Geratsu

$30 Welcome Bonus with Geratsu
$30 Welcome Bonus from Geratsu 

$30 Welcome Bonus with Geratsu

 Broker Name: Geratsu - Your Gateway to Opportunities

Are you a budding trader or someone intrigued by the world of online trading? If so, you're in for a rewarding experience! Geratsu, a prominent name in the brokerage industry, is extending an exceptional opportunity that can kickstart your trading journey. Get ready to explore the enticing $30 Welcome Bonus offered by Geratsu, allowing you to enter the trading arena with a financial boost.

 Introducing the $30 Welcome Bonus: A Path to Trading Success

 Broker Name: Geratsu

 Bonus Offer: $30 Welcome Bonus

 Bonus Type: Welcome Bonus

Imagine receiving a $30 Welcome Bonus without having to make an initial deposit. This exclusive offering, commonly referred to as a Welcome Bonus, provides traders with the chance to enter the trading world with a financial boost. The best part? You can use this bonus to trade and withdraw your resulting profits.

 Joining Geratsu: A Few Simple Steps

1. Complete Registration: Begin by completing the registration process. You can easily locate Geratsu through an online search.

2. Submit Verification Documents: For security purposes, submit the necessary verification documents.

3. Open a Live Account: Choose the live account option to proceed.

4. Use the Welcome30 Code: Once your account is successfully verified, utilize the Welcome30 code and deposit $30 into the promotion account to meet the bonus conditions.

 Profits Unleashed: Bonus Withdrawal Conditions

To transform your trading endeavors into tangible earnings, you need to fulfill the following withdrawal conditions:

- Complete a minimum of 1.5 trading lots.

- The maximum profit you can withdraw is up to $250.

 Geratsu's Special Considerations

1. One Bonus Account Per Client: Each client, computer, and IP address is eligible for only one No Bonus account.

2. Usage of Bonus Funds: The credit (bonus) funds can be used to sustain floating losses on open trades.

3. Bonus Validity: The $30 bonus is valid for use within 30 days from the date of receiving the bonus.

4. Adjustment for Account Balance: In the event of trading losses, Geratsu reserves the right to reduce the amount of bonus funds proportionally to the account balance.

5. New Clients Only: The $30 Bonus is exclusively available for new clients.

6. Bonus Deduction upon Withdrawal: The $30 Bonus will be deducted after any withdrawal request.

 About Geratsu: A Regulated Platform

Geratsu LLC, registered under the number 860 LLC 2021, operates under the regulatory framework of the "LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANIES ACT, CHAPTER 151 OF THE REVISED LAWS OF SAINT VINCENT AND THE GRENADINES, 2009." The company adheres to strict standards to provide traders with a secure and trustworthy trading environment.

 In Conclusion

For those looking to kickstart their trading journey with an added financial advantage, Geratsu's $30 Welcome Bonus is an excellent opportunity. It's a chance to experience trading with real funds and potentially turn your trades into profits. To fully capitalize on this offer, ensure you adhere to the terms and conditions.

 Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is eligible for the $30 Welcome Bonus?

   The $30 Welcome Bonus is exclusively available for new clients.

2. Can the bonus be withdrawn directly?

   No, the bonus itself cannot be withdrawn. Only profits resulting from the bonus can be withdrawn.

3. What is the validity period for the $30 bonus?

   The $30 bonus is valid for use within 30 days from the date of receiving the bonus.

4. Is the bonus usage limited to specific accounts?

   Yes, the bonus can be used for MT4-ECN and MT4-Classic accounts.

5. What happens if I withdraw funds from my account?

   The $30 Bonus will be deducted after any withdrawal request.

6. Is Geratsu a regulated platform?

   Yes, Geratsu operates under the regulatory framework of the LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANIES ACT of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.

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