Moonzix 1000 GWT Airdrop


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Reward Offer:

- Name: Moonzix (ended)

- Reward: $3.80 Signup Bonus + $0.38 per Referral

Exploring the Moonzix Offer:

Moonzix is thrilled to extend a lucrative reward opportunity to its users. Here's how you can participate and earn:

How to Join Moonzix Reward Program:

1. Complete the signup process on Moonzix using the provided referral link.

2. Upon successful registration, you'll be rewarded with $3.80 worth of GWT tokens.

3. Make sure to copy your unique referral link and share it with others to earn an additional referral reward of $0.38 in GWT tokens.

4. To withdraw your earned GWT tokens, access the "Withdraw GWT Tokens" option on the platform.

5. Connect your wallet (such as Trust Wallet, Metamask) and select the BNB chain.

6. The platform will guide you to your connected wallet.

7. Click on "Withdraw" again, specify the withdrawal amount, and complete the process by clicking "Withdraw and pay BNB fee."

8. Once the transaction is successfully completed, your GWT tokens will be instantly transferred to your wallet.

Important Note:

As the provided information suggests, the GWT token is not yet listed on any exchange. Therefore, we recommend conducting thorough research before investing. Stay tuned for updates on its listing via the Telegram channel "Ndfxbonus."

Please remember to refer to Moonzix's official sources for the most up-to-date and accurate details. Exercise caution and due diligence when engaging in cryptocurrency activities.

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