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Oxshare No Deposit Bonus

Oxshare trading broker has been offering a Welcome Bonus, initially $30, and now in 2024, they have introduced a $50 Welcome Bonus for all new registered users. This $50 trading fund allows users to trade in the real market, and all profits are withdrawable. It's important to note that this bonus is often referred to as the "Oxshare no deposit bonus" within the trading community.

How to Claim the Trading Fund:

Claiming the Oxshare Trading Bonus is a simple process:

1. Visit the official Oxshare Promo page.

2. Fill in the necessary information, including your country and Gmail.

3. Go to the M5 Trading Accounts section and open the (Bonus) Trading account.

4. In the Trading Bonuses section, choose the bonus option and select your newly opened account to receive an instant $50 Trading fund credit.

5. Upon receiving the Trading fund bonus, navigate to the MT5 account section in the Oxshare dashboard and update the password for the Welcome Trading Bonus account.

- Log in to the MT5 server named (Oxshare-Server) and commence trading.

- Notify Oxshare via email at support@oxshare.com that you have started trading, allowing them to track your progress based on the lot conditions and meet the profit withdrawal requirements.

Oxshare Profit Withdrawal Conditions:

Profit withdrawal conditions may vary based on the specific Trading bonus offered by Oxshare.

OxShares $50 No Deposit Bonus:

In 2024, Oxshare launched a new offer called the $50 Welcome Bonus, which traders commonly refer to as the $50 No Deposit Bonus. Please note that this offer comes with deposit conditions for withdrawing profit amounts. (Last change 1 Jan 2024 )

- It is valid until the end of December 2024. 

Eligible for-profit withdrawal Updated 14 April 2024

- Complete a minimum of 10 lots in this account within 30 days from the day of the Trading fund credit.

- Maximum profit withdrawal allowed is $100 in the Welcome account.

Once the above conditions are met, traders can apply for KYC verification to be eligible for profit withdrawal.

During profit withdrawal, it is necessary to deposit a minimum amount of $5 or more, Now term change minimum $150 is required set by OxShares.

After completing 5 lots, traders can withdraw the profit from the welcome account, up to $100.

Once the above conditions are fulfilled, traders can proceed with the withdrawal request. 

OxShares $30 No Deposit Bonus:

It is important to note that this promotion requires no deposit, so traders often refer to it as the “OxShares $30 No Deposit Bonus”. However, its official promotion name is OxShares $30 Welcome Bonus. 

- This bonus offer is valid till the end of December 2023 (ended )

Eligible for-profit withdraw 

- Make at least $100 profit and trade 5 lots within 30 days.

- After meeting the lot condition, contact customer support at support@oxshare.com to request the transfer of profits to the wallet.

- Withdraw the received profit from your wallet.

Consider Terms and Rules:

- Confirm the availability of the Trading fund offer in your country by contacting Oxshare customer support.

- Each client, computer, or IP address is allowed to open only one bonus account with Oxshare.

- The bonus remains valid for 30 days from the date of activation and Hedging and scalping trading are not allowed

- This Trading offer is exclusively available for new clients who have yet to register with Oxshare.

These conditions are based on the terms provided by Oxshare. For accurate and up-to-date information, reviewing Oxshare bonus terms and conditions is recommended.

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