Geratsu $30 Welcome Bonus

Geratsu $30 Welcome Bonus

Geratsu: Empowering New Traders with a $30 Welcome Bonus

If you're a new trader seeking a risk-free opportunity to explore the world of forex trading, Geratsu has an enticing offer for you. Geratsu, a reputable broker, is extending a warm welcome to new clients by offering a $30 USD Welcome Bonus. This welcome bonus allows you to start trading without making an initial deposit, and the best part is that you can withdraw your profits. In this article, we'll guide you through the process of joining Geratsu and taking advantage of this welcome bonus, as well as provide essential details about the withdrawal conditions and other important notices.

Introduction to Geratsu's $30 Welcome Bonus

Geratsu understands the challenges new traders face, and that's why they are offering a $30 USD Welcome Bonus to help you kickstart your trading journey. This bonus is designed to give you a risk-free opportunity to experience forex trading without the need to deposit your own funds.

How to Join Geratsu and Claim the Bonus

To join Geratsu and claim the $30 Welcome Bonus, follow these steps:

1. Registration and Verification: Begin by searching for Geratsu and visiting their official website. Complete the registration process, providing accurate information. Once registered, you'll need to submit verification documents to validate your identity.

2. Opening the $30 No Deposit Bonus Account: After your account is successfully verified, log in to your Geratsu account. Navigate to the 30USD Promotion Page and select the option to open a $30 No Deposit Bonus Account. This account will be credited with the $30 bonus, allowing you to start trading immediately.

Withdrawal Conditions

Geratsu's $30 Welcome Bonus comes with clear withdrawal conditions, ensuring a fair and transparent trading experience for new clients. While the bonus itself cannot be withdrawn, you have the opportunity to withdraw the profits you generate using the bonus.

To make your profits withdrawable, you'll need to meet the following conditions:

- Trade 3 Lots: Execute trades with a total volume of 3 standard lots. Once you've reached this trading volume, the profits you've earned can be withdrawn.

- Maximum Withdrawal: Keep in mind that the maximum amount you can withdraw from the profits generated using the bonus is $30 USD.

Important Notices

Before you proceed to claim the Geratsu Welcome Bonus, consider the following important notices:

- Eligible Countries: This bonus is available to traders from specific countries, including Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Brunei, and Indonesia.

- Account Limitation: Each client, computer, or IP address is eligible to open only one No Deposit Bonus Account. This limitation ensures a fair distribution of the bonus among new clients.

- New Clients Only: The $30 Welcome Bonus is exclusively available for new clients who are registering with Geratsu for the first time.

Company Information and Regulations

Geratsu is a well-regulated broker operating under Geratsu LLC (registration number: 860 LLC 2021). The company is regulated in accordance with the license act "LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANIES ACT, CHAPTER 151 OF THE REVISED LAWS OF SAINT VINCENT AND THE GRENADINES, 2009," ensuring a secure and transparent trading environment.

As you embark on your trading journey with Geratsu, remember that this $30 Welcome Bonus is your ticket to gaining valuable trading experience without any financial risk. Follow the outlined steps, meet the withdrawal conditions, and make the most of this advantageous offer.

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