DigiFinex 10k DSUI Airdrop Giveaway


DigiFinex Airdrop: Earn $7-17 Worth of DSU Tokens

Are you interested in participating in exciting cryptocurrency airdrops? DigiFinex, a prominent global digital assets exchange, had an enticing airdrop offer that has now concluded. Here are the details of the DigiFinex Airdrop:

Unveiling DigiFinex

- Exchange Name: DigiFinex

- Reward: $5 DSU Tokens Signup Bonus + $12 Worth of DSU Tokens in Airdrop

- Status: Airdrop Ended

DigiFinex is a renowned digital assets exchange, catering to a global audience with its trading, staking, margin trading, and OTC services for various cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin.

DigiFinex Airdrop Recap

During its active phase, the DigiFinex Airdrop offered an exciting opportunity to crypto enthusiasts:

1. $5 DSU Tokens Signup Bonus: Upon completing the signup process for DigiFinex and verifying your account at Level 1 (L1), you received a $5 DSU token as a signup bonus.

2. $12 DSU Tokens Airdrop: Participants had the chance to earn $12 worth of DSU tokens by participating in the DigiFinex Airdrop giveaway.

Steps to Participate

To engage in the DigiFinex Airdrop, follow these simple steps:

1. Register on the DigiFinex platform through the signup process.

2. Once your account is verified at Level 1, enjoy the $5 DSU token signup bonus.

3. Join the DigiFinex Airdrop giveaway.

4. Successfully complete all 9 entry requirements specified by the airdrop.

5. Provide your DigiFinex account ID as requested.

6. Upon the conclusion of the Gleam giveaway, all rewards earned will be credited to the respective participating accounts.

It's important to note that this specific airdrop offer has ended. If you're looking for more opportunities and updates, feel free to stay connected with DigiFinex through their official communication channels.


Contact Information

For any further inquiries or cooperation, you can reach out to DigiFinex through the following email:

- Email: cooperation@digifinex.com

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