$7 Changex Learn & Earn

$7 Changex Learn & Earn

$7 Changex Learn & Earn Campaign – Earn Change & Hydra Coins

Changex recently conducted an exciting Learn & Earn campaign that rewarded verified participants with $7 worth of Change and Hydra coins. This guide will provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to participate and earn rewards through Changex.

About Changex Learn & Earn Campaign

- Name: Changex

- Reward: $7 worth of Change & Hydra Coins

- Validity: Until May 18th, 2023 (Ended)

This campaign allowed participants to learn about Changex while earning valuable Change and Hydra coins as a reward.

How to Participate

To participate in the Changex Learn & Earn Campaign and earn $7 worth of Change & Hydra Coins, follow these steps:

1. Complete Signup on BitDegree: Start by signing up on the BitDegree platform.

2. Watch Introductory Changex Course: Access and watch the introductory Changex course provided on BitDegree.

3. Download the Changex App: Download the Changex app onto your preferred device.

4. Navigate to "Changex on Hydra Network": Open the Changex app and go to the section titled "Changex on Hydra Network."


5. Click on ChangeX (Network-Hydra): Select the ChangeX option within the Network-Hydra section.

6. Copy & Paste Wallet Address on Google Form: Copy your wallet address and paste it into the designated field on the provided Google Form.

7. Provide Your BitDegree Registration Gmail: Complete the form by entering your BitDegree registration Gmail.

By correctly following all these steps and adhering to Changex's instructions, you will become a verified participant. Changex will then reward you with $7 worth of Change and Hydra coins, which will be distributed directly to your Changex app.

Please note that the campaign was valid until May 18th, 2023, and has now ended. 

For any further inquiries or information, you can refer to Changex's official communication channels.

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