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Awonar Broker
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Awonar Broker $50 Welcome Bonus

Are you an aspiring trader looking to kickstart your journey in the world of online trading? Look no further! Awonar Broker presents an incredible opportunity for new clients to dive into trading without any initial deposit. With a generous $50 welcome bonus, Awonar Broker is setting the stage for traders to experience the excitement of the financial markets without risking their hard-earned money. In this article, we'll guide you through the process of claiming your $50 welcome bonus, highlight the withdrawal conditions, and provide essential company information and regulations. So, let's delve into the details and unlock the doors to potential profits!


Awonar Broker, a reputable name in the world of online trading, is extending a warm welcome to new clients by offering a remarkable $50 bonus. This bonus, also known as a no deposit bonus, grants traders the unique opportunity to engage in trading activities without the need for an initial deposit. Whether you're an experienced trader or new to the game, this offer presents an ideal platform to explore the financial markets and potentially earn profits.

How to Join Awonar

Getting started with Awonar Broker and claiming your $50 welcome bonus is a straightforward process. Here's a step-by-step guide to help you along the way:

1. Complete Registration (Visit Official Website): Begin by visiting the official website of Awonar Broker. Create your account by providing essential details.

2. Submit Necessary Profile Information: After registering, complete your profile by submitting the necessary information. This ensures a smooth verification process.

3. Verify Your Account: To access the bonus, you'll need to verify your account. This involves submitting relevant documents for verification purposes.

4. Access Your $50 Credit Account: Once your account is verified, navigate to your dashboard. You'll find your $50 bonus credited automatically to your credit account.

Awonar Withdrawal Conditions

While Awonar Broker provides a generous welcome bonus, there are specific conditions to keep in mind when it comes to withdrawals. These conditions are designed to ensure fair and responsible trading practices. Here's what you need to know:

- Trading Requirements: Traders must engage in active trading before being eligible for withdrawals.

- Position Duration Criteria: Positions held for less than 5 minutes will not contribute to the trading volume requirements.

- Diversification Strategy: To qualify for withdrawals, traders must execute trades in at least 5 different financial instruments.

- Exposure Criteria: For stock category positions, exposure must exceed $2,500. For non-stock category positions, exposure must exceed $50,000.

- Profit Withdrawal Limits: Profits eligible for withdrawal range from a minimum of $50 to a maximum of $200.

- Position Closure: All open positions must be closed before initiating a withdrawal.

Withdraw Proof

Awonar's commitment to transparency is further demonstrated through the availability of withdrawal proofs. Traders from eligible countries, including Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, and Vietnam, have successfully withdrawn profits earned from the $50 welcome bonus. This serves as a testament to the legitimacy and reliability of Awonar Broker.

Bonus Availability

The $50 welcome bonus is exclusively available for new clients who register with Awonar Broker. Residents of Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Vietnam are among the fortunate individuals who can take advantage of this exciting offer.

Company Information and Regulations

When choosing a broker, understanding the company's background and regulatory status is paramount. Awonar Broker is operated by Awonar Group Limited, a company subject to supervision by the Securities Commission and the Financial Services Authority. The company is authorized to engage in financial services, including currency exchange. Registered with the address Suite 305, Griffith Corporate Center, Kingstown St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Awonar Group Limited upholds the highest standards of professionalism and compliance.


In conclusion, Awonar Broker's $50 welcome bonus presents an exceptional opportunity for new traders to explore the world of online trading without any initial deposit. By following the simple steps outlined in this article, you can access your $50 credit account and embark on a trading journey filled with potential profits. With transparent withdrawal conditions and a commitment to regulatory compliance, Awonar Broker stands as a reliable and trustworthy choice for traders seeking a rewarding trading experience.


1. Who is eligible for the $50 welcome bonus from Awonar Broker?

   New clients who register with Awonar Broker and reside in Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, or Vietnam are eligible for the $50 welcome bonus.

2. Can I withdraw the profits earned from the $50 welcome bonus?

   Yes, you can withdraw profits earned from the $50 welcome bonus, subject to the withdrawal conditions outlined by Awonar Broker.

3. What are the exposure criteria for different categories of positions?

   Positions in the Stocks category must have exposure exceeding $2,500, while non-stock category positions require exposure exceeding $50,000.

4. Is Awonar Broker regulated?

   Yes, Awonar Broker is subject to supervision by the Securities Commission and the Financial Services Authority.

5. Where is Awonar Group Limited registered?

   Awonar Group Limited is registered with the address Suite 305, Griffith Corporate Center, Kingstown St. Vincent and the Grenadines.
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