50-100USD Gift Card From Amarket


Amarket: Trade with Confidence using a 50-100 USD Gift Card

Are you seeking a risk-free opportunity to step into the world of trading? Look no further than Amarket, a reputable broker that offers an innovative and exciting way to start trading without any initial deposit. Through the Amarket Affiliate Partner Program, you can receive a 50-100 USD Gift Card, providing you with the chance to trade without risking your own funds. In this comprehensive article, we will guide you through the process of claiming this unique gift card, discuss the withdrawal conditions, highlight important notices, and provide crucial company information. Discover how Amarket's Affiliate Partner Program can open doors to a world of trading possibilities!


Amarket stands out as a broker that believes in supporting new traders in their trading journey. With the Amarket Affiliate Partner Program, new clients can receive a 50-100 USD Gift Card, allowing them to experience live trading without risking their own money. This exclusive offer is designed to help you explore the exciting world of trading with confidence.

How to Join Amarket Affiliate Partner Program and Claim the Gift Card

Unlock the benefits of the Amarket Affiliate Partner Program by following these steps:

1. Locate Your Amarket Manager or Partner's Affiliate Link: Before registering with Amarket, connect with an Amarket manager or partner to obtain their affiliate link. This link is essential for accessing the gift card offer.

2. Complete Registration Using the Provided Link: Register on the Amarket platform using the affiliate link provided by your manager or partner. This step ensures that you are eligible for the gift card offer.

3. Open MT4 Standard Market Bonus Account: After completing registration, open an MT4 Standard Market Bonus Account with a leverage of 1:500. This account will be the gateway to your trading experience.

4. Contact Manager or Partner for Gift Card: Get in touch with your Amarket manager or partner to request the 50-100 USD Gift Card. They will guide you through the process of receiving the gift card and activating it for trading.


Amarket Withdrawal Conditions

Understanding the withdrawal conditions is vital for making the most of the gift card offer. Here's what you need to know:
- Profit Withdrawal and Trading Turnover: While the gift card amount itself is not withdrawable, any profits earned through trading can be withdrawn. To withdraw profit:
  - For a $100 gift card, complete at least 1 lot of trading turnover.
  - For a $50 gift card, trade at least 0.5 lot.
  - Only trades with a profit or loss of at least 10 pips are considered.
- Maximum Withdrawable Profit: The maximum profit that can be withdrawn from the gift card trading is 100 USD.

Important Conditions to Note

Stay informed about these crucial conditions related to the gift card offer:
- Expiry of Gift Card and Eligibility: The gift card will expire after 14 days from the date of activation. This offer is exclusively available for new clients.
- One Gift Card per Client/Computer/IP: Each client, computer, or IP address is eligible for only one gift card.
- Gift Card Offered by Managers and Affiliate Partners: It's important to note that Amarket itself is not providing the gift card bonus. The gift card is offered by Amarket managers and affiliate partners.

Company Information

Amarket operates under the registration of AMarkets LTD, with Registration No. 22567 BC. The broker is a proud member of The Financial Commission, an independent external dispute resolution (EDR) organization that ensures the protection of clients' interests.


In conclusion, Amarket's Affiliate Partner Program provides an exceptional opportunity for new traders to venture into the world of trading with a 50-100 USD Gift Card. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can claim your gift card, trade confidently, and potentially withdraw your profits. While the gift card itself is not directly withdrawable, the profits earned from trading with it can be withdrawn. Make the most of this limited-time offer to embark on a risk-free trading journey with Amarket.


1. Who is eligible for the 50-100 USD Gift Card from Amarket?
   The gift card is exclusively available for new clients who register through an Amarket manager or affiliate partner's affiliate link.

2. Can I withdraw the gift card amount directly?
   No, the gift card amount itself is not directly withdrawable. However, profits earned from trading with the gift card can be withdrawn.

3. What are the requirements for profit withdrawal from the gift card trading?
   The requirements for profit withdrawal vary based on the gift card amount received and involve completing a certain amount of trading turnover.

4. Is the gift card offer available for existing clients?
   The gift card offer is specifically designed for new clients who join through an Amarket manager or affiliate partner.

5. Can I claim multiple gift cards by registering through different manager or partner links?
Each client, computer, or IP address is eligible for only one gift card, regardless of multiple registrations.
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