100$ Bonus From STARTRADER

$100 Bonus from STARTRADER

STARTRADER presents the opportunity for new clients a chance to secure a $100 Bonus. 

This article unveils the details of this enticing offer, including eligibility criteria, participation steps, withdrawal conditions, and vital information.

How to Obtain the $100 Bonus

Securing the $100 Bonus from STARTRADER is a straightforward process that can be summarized as follows:

1. Complete Signup: Initiate the journey by searching for "STARTRADER" and completing the registration process.

2. Open Test Account: Once registered, open a test account with STARTRADER. The $100 bonus will be automatically credited to your account upon successful account creation.

STARTRADER Bonus Withdrawal Conditions

Understanding the withdrawal conditions ensures a smooth trading experience. Here are the key points to note:

While the initial $100 bonus itself cannot be withdrawn, any profits generated through trading with the bonus are eligible for withdrawal.
To make profits withdrawable, fulfill the following criteria:
Deposit $100 into your account.
Complete a total of 2 lots in trading activity.
The maximum profit that can be withdrawn is $100.

Important Notice from STARTRADER

Several important points merit attention for a successful participation experience:

 The bonus is available for traders from Malaysia, Iran, and the Philippines.
 Following signup, a net deposit of ≥ $100 USD in the live account must be made within 14 calendar days.
 STARTRADER reserves the right to cancel the bonus offer at any time.

Company Information and Regulatory Compliance

STARTRADER LLC is a registered company in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines under Number 228 LLC 2019. The company is authorized to provide margin FX and CFDs trading services to a global clientele. This regulatory adherence underscores the company's commitment to transparency and accountability.


1. Who is eligible for the $100 Bonus from STARTRADER?
   The bonus is exclusively available for new clients who fulfill the eligibility criteria.

2. Can I withdraw the initial $100 bonus amount?
   No, the initial bonus amount itself cannot be withdrawn; however, profits generated through trading with the bonus are withdrawable.

3. What maximum profit can be withdrawn from the bonus?
   The maximum profit that can be withdrawn from trading with the bonus is $100.

4. Is there a time limit for making the required deposit after signing up?
   Yes, a net deposit of ≥ $100 USD must be made in the live account within 14 calendar days after signing up.

5. Is the bonus offer subject to cancellation by STARTRADER?
   Yes, STARTRADER reserves the right to cancel the bonus offer at its discretion.
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