Monaxa $50 No Deposit Bonus

Monaxa $50 No Deposit Bonus
Monaxa $50 No Deposit Bonus

Monaxa $50 No Deposit Bonus

The Monaxa $50 No Deposit Bonus stands as a testament to the broker's commitment to enhancing the trading experience for new clients. By eliminating the need for an initial deposit, Monaxa empowers traders to dive into the exciting world of financial markets without any financial commitment. (Ended)

How to Join Monaxa

1. Registration and Profile Completion: Begin your journey by signing up on Monaxa's platform. Fill in the required information accurately to complete your registration.
2. Identity Verification: Ensure a secure trading environment by submitting the necessary identity verification documents.
3. Claiming the Bonus: Once your account is verified, head to the help desk section. Create a ticket or request the $50 no deposit bonus. Please note that it might take up to 48 hours for the bonus to be added to your trading account.

Withdrawal Conditions

Profit Withdrawal Requirements

1. No Deposit Required: One of the standout features of Monaxa's bonus is the absence of a mandatory deposit. This empowers traders to engage in trading activities without financial constraints.
2. Non-Withdrawable Bonus: While the $50 bonus itself cannot be withdrawn, traders can embark on a journey to generate profits using the bonus amount.
3. Meeting Trading Volume: To make the profits derived from the bonus amount withdrawable, traders must fulfill specific trading volume requirements. A minimum trading volume of at least 1 lot is required.
4. Open and Close Trades: Ensure your trading history reflects at least 3 open and close trades. This criterion helps verify your trading activity and eligibility for profit withdrawal.
5. Minimum and Maximum Profit Withdrawal: Traders are rewarded for their trading prowess with the opportunity to withdraw a minimum of $15 in profits and a maximum of $50.
6. Bonus Return: During the profit withdrawal process, the bonus amount itself will be returned to the company, ensuring a balance between fairness and profitability.

Monaxa | Important Notice

Monaxa is diligent in providing essential notices to traders, ensuring transparency and clarity throughout the bonus journey.

1. Limited-Time Opportunity: The $50 No Deposit Bonus is available for a limited time, urging traders to act promptly and capitalize on this rewarding opportunity.
2. Promotional Flexibility: Monaxa reserves the right to modify the terms and conditions of the promotion, emphasizing its commitment to adaptability and fairness.
3. Fair Usage Policy: To maintain the integrity of the promotion, Monaxa enforces a policy of one welcome bonus account per client, computer, or IP address, preventing any misuse.

Company Information and Regulations

Monaxa Ltd operates under the Business Companies (Amendment and Consolidation) Act, Chapter 149 of the Revised Laws of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, 2009. For inquiries and communication, Monaxa can be reached via email at This regulatory framework ensures a secure and compliant trading environment for clients.


A) Is the $50 No Deposit Bonus Available in All Countries?

While Monaxa extends its generosity to new clients residing in Malaysia, Thailand, and India, availability in other countries may vary. It's advisable to contact customer support to ascertain the bonus's availability in your country.


Monaxa's $50 No Deposit Bonus presents a unique opportunity for traders to enter the trading arena with a financial advantage. By offering this bonus, Monaxa showcases its dedication to fostering an environment where both novice and experienced traders can thrive. As traders navigate the bonus landscape, adherence to terms and conditions ensures a seamless and rewarding trading journey. Before embarking on this venture, it's prudent to verify Monaxa's trustworthiness and regulatory standing to fully leverage the benefits of this enticing offer.
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