TenTrade $30 Welcome Bonus

TenTrade $30 Welcome Bonus
TenTrade $30 Welcome Bonus

TenTrade $30 Welcome Bonus: 

In the world of forex trading, brokerages continually introduce innovative incentives to welcome new traders and provide them with an enticing opportunity to venture into the trading landscape. One such remarkable proposition is the $30 Welcome Bonus from TenTrade. Tailored exclusively for new clients, this bonus allows traders to embark on their trading journey with a $30 boost, without the need for an initial deposit. In this article, we'll delve into the specifics of TenTrade bonus offer, the steps to join, withdrawal conditions, and essential insights about the company.

Introducing TenTrade $30 Welcome Bonus

TenTrade extends a warm welcome to new traders through its $30 Welcome Bonus. This bonus acts as a stepping stone, providing traders with the means to explore forex trading without the initial financial commitment. By offering a $30 trading credit upon registration, TenTrade empowers traders to experience the excitement of forex trading and potentially profit from their trades.

Steps to Claim the Bonus: Becoming a TenTrade Beneficiary

Participating in TenTrade $30 Welcome Bonus offer is simple and straightforward:

1. Begin by searching for "TenTrade" and completing the registration process on the TenTrade platform.
2. Provide the necessary information to complete your profile.
3. Verify your identity by submitting the required verification documents.
4. Open a $30 welcome bonus account to kickstart your trading journey.

Following these steps ensures that you become eligible to receive the bonus and commence your forex trading experience with TenTrade.

Withdrawal Conditions and Profit

While the $30 bonus itself cannot be withdrawn, TenTrade offers a structured pathway for traders to potentially profit from their trades:

- Profit Withdrawal: Traders can withdraw profits earned through trading using the bonus amount.
- No Lots Condition: The bonus offer does not impose the condition of a specific lot for profit withdrawal.
- Minimum Deposit Requirement: A minimum deposit of $30 is required to initiate the profit withdrawal process.
- Bonus Return During Profit Withdrawal: During the profit withdrawal, the bonus amount will be returned to the company.

Understanding these conditions enables traders to make informed decisions while trading with the bonus.

TenTrade Important Notice: Trading Terms and Eligibility

TenTrade retains the right to modify its promotional trading terms and conditions to adapt to market dynamics and serve the interests of its clients. Additionally, the bonus offer is exclusively available for clients in Malaysia.

Company Information: 

TenTrade Ltd is registered in England and Wales with registration number 13369728. The company's registered address is at 23 Raith Avenue, Southgate, London N14 7DU, England. TenTrade Ltd serves as the MT5 trading platform technology provider to Evalanch Ltd. Evalanch Limited, incorporated under the laws of Cyprus with incorporation number ΗΕ 366319, acts as the Payment Agent of Evalanch Ltd and is registered at 30 Tempon Street, Engomi, 2408, Nicosia Cyprus.


TenTrade $30 Welcome Bonus serves as an alluring opportunity for new traders to embark on their forex trading journey with a head start. By adhering to the outlined terms and conditions, traders can explore the forex trading platform, hone their skills, and potentially earn profits. TenTrade commitment to regulatory compliance, transparent trading practices, and fostering a collaborative trading environment establishes it as a reliable partner for traders seeking a rewarding and secure trading experience.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Is the $30 Welcome Bonus available for clients outside Malaysia?

   No, this bonus offer is exclusively available for new clients residing in Malaysia.

2. What is the process for withdrawing profits earned through the bonus?

   Traders can withdraw profits by following the outlined withdrawal process in TenTrade terms and conditions.

3. Is there a specific lot condition for profit withdrawal?

   The bonus offer does not impose the condition of a specific lot for profit withdrawal.

4. Why is a minimum deposit required for profit withdrawal?

   The minimum deposit requirement ensures a certain level of commitment from traders to initiate the profit withdrawal process.

5. Where can I find detailed information about TenTrade trading terms and conditions?

   Detailed information can be found on TenTrade official website, including customer support contact details for further inquires.

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