ZES Forex 30$ no deposit bonus

ZES Forex $30 No Deposit Bonus

ZES Forex $30 No Deposit Bonus:

Are you eager to embark on a trading journey but hesitant to invest your own funds? Look no further than ZES Forex's enticing $30 No Deposit Bonus. In this article, we'll delve into the details of this offer and provide you with a comprehensive overview of how to make the most out of it.


Entering the world of trading can be both exciting and daunting. Recognizing the concerns faced by newcomers, ZES Forex presents a valuable solution - a $30 No Deposit Bonus. This bonus not only allows you to engage in real trading without an initial investment but also provides a risk-free opportunity to evaluate ZES Forex's trading environment.

Introducing ZES Forex

ZES Forex is a reputable broker committed to providing a seamless trading experience for its clients. The $30 No Deposit Bonus showcases their dedication to supporting traders as they venture into the world of financial markets.

Claiming the $30 No Deposit Bonus

Securing the bonus is a straightforward process:

1. Registration: Initiate the process by registering on the ZES Forex platform. Search for ZES Forex online and follow the registration instructions.

2. Identity Verification: Submit the required documents for identity verification as part of the registration process.

3. Open a Live Account: After completing verification, open a live trading account on the platform.

4. Request the No Deposit Bonus: Contact ZES Forex's customer support to request the $30 No Deposit Bonus for your trading account.

5. Start Trading: Begin your trading journey with the $30 credit, allowing you to explore the world of financial markets.

Navigating Withdrawal Terms and Conditions

ZES Forex has outlined specific terms and conditions for withdrawals:

- The maximum amount that can be withdrawn through this bonus campaign is $100.

- The bonus amount itself is non-withdrawable.

- To be eligible to withdraw any profits earned using the bonus, you need to invest $100 and trade a minimum of 5 lots within a month.

Key Considerations

Before you start trading with the ZES Forex bonus, consider these crucial points:

1. The bonus is available exclusively to traders who work directly with ZES Forex without any intermediaries.

2. This campaign cannot be combined with other ongoing campaigns.

3. Trading volume is calculated for positions opened and closed within a maximum difference of 3 minutes.

4. The bonus has a validity period of 1 month from the date of your registration.

5. The bonus is only available for new clients of ZES Forex.

6. Each user can claim the bonus only once per IP address.


ZES Forex's $30 No Deposit Bonus is a valuable opportunity for those seeking to explore trading without the pressure of an initial investment. It serves as a platform for learning, experimentation, and gaining insights into the intricacies of financial markets. While trading inherently involves risks, this bonus empowers you to embark on your trading journey with confidence and knowledge.

So why wait? Embrace the risk-free trading experience provided by ZES Forex's $30 No Deposit Bonus and unlock the potential of the financial markets.


1. Who is eligible for the $30 No Deposit Bonus?

   The bonus is available to new clients of ZES Forex who work directly with the broker.

2. What is the validity date of the bonus?

   The bonus validity date is December 31, 2022.

3. Is the bonus amount itself withdrawable?

   No, the bonus amount itself cannot be withdrawn.

4. What are the conditions for withdrawing profits earned using the bonus?

   To withdraw profits, you need to invest $100 and trade a minimum of 5 lots within a month.

5. Can the bonus be combined with other campaigns?

   No, this campaign cannot be combined with other ongoing campaigns.
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