XM $100 Diwali Contest

XM $100 Diwali Contest

XM $100 Diwali Contest

In the spirit of festivity and trading excitement, XM proudly introduced the XMwaliDIWALI Contest, offering participants a chance to win a remarkable $100 Bonus Prize. This engaging contest celebrated during the Diwali season, added an extra layer of joy to traders' experiences. While the contest has concluded, its impact continues to resonate, showcasing XM's dedication to fostering trader engagement and reward. In this article, we will delve into the details of the XM $100 Diwali Contest, including participation eligibility, joining instructions, winner proof, and essential information.

XM: Enhancing Festive Celebrations with Trading Rewards

XM, a well-regarded broker, orchestrated the XMwaliDIWALI Contest, reflecting the company's commitment to providing traders with unique opportunities to engage and earn rewards. This contest's focal point was the chance to secure a $100 Trading Bonus Prize, adding an element of festivity to traders' portfolios.

Diwali Contest Participation Eligibility

Participation in the XMwaliDIWALI Contest required a simple set of steps:

1. Account Signup on XM: For those without an XM account, initiating the journey began with signing up on the XM platform.

2. Completion of Verification Process: After registering, participants needed to complete the verification process, ensuring regulatory compliance and security.

3. Eligibility After Account Verification: Once an account was successfully verified, traders were eligible to participate in the XMwaliDIWALI Contest.

How to Join the Contest

Joining the XMwaliDIWALI Contest was an exciting endeavor:

1. Follow XM on Instagram: Traders needed to follow XM's official Instagram handle (@xm_india_official).
2. Engage with a Comment: In the spirit of festivity, participants were required to comment about their favorite features of XM.
3. Tag Friends and Use Hashtag: To complete their entry, traders had to tag three friends and include the hashtag XMwaliDiwali in their comments.

Winner Proof Info

Important Notice: Contest Insights

Key considerations to keep in mind regarding the XMwaliDIWALI Contest include:

- Ten Lucky Winners: The contest rewarded ten lucky winners with a $100 Trading Bonus in their accounts.
- Compulsory Account Verification: Account verification was a prerequisite to be eligible for the contest.
- Single Client Eligibility: The offer was available to each individual client, ensuring fairness and equal opportunity.


The XM $100 Diwali Contest exemplified the harmonious fusion of festive joy and trading rewards. By providing traders with a chance to win a $100 Trading Bonus, XM demonstrated its commitment to engaging traders and enhancing their trading experiences. While the contest may have concluded, its impact endures as a testament to XM's dedication to its community.

Celebrate the spirit of festivity and trading with XM, a broker that goes beyond conventional offerings to provide traders with exciting opportunities and rewards.

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