Fxcentrum | $160 No Deposit bonus

Fxcentrum $160 No Deposit Bonus

Fxcentrum $160 No Deposit Bonus

The forex broker Fxcentrum is offering a remarkable $160 No-Deposit Bonus for new clients. This enticing opportunity allows traders to kickstart their trading journey without making any initial deposits.

About Fxcentrum $160 bonus

Fxcentrum is a well-established forex broker that provides a wide range of trading services. As part of its marketing strategy, the company offers various bonuses to attract new clients. The current highlight is the No Deposit Bonuses, amounting to a total of $160, available to every new customer. What makes this bonus even more appealing is that traders don't need to deposit any funds to claim it.

Broker: Fxcentrum
Reward: $160 Free Credit bonus
Deadline: Ended

How to Get the Bonus Bonus Step-by-Step Guide

follow these simple steps:
Resignation and Request NDB ($10): The first step is to register with Fxcentrum and request the No Deposit Bonus, which instantly rewards you with $10.

Followed All Social Media ($10): Connect with Fxcentrum on all their social media platforms to receive an additional $10 bonus.

Make a Viral Video & Get ($40): Create a viral video related to Fxcentrum and receive a generous $40 bonus as a reward for your creativity.
Rock Out & Get ($100): Sing a song about Fxcentrum and post it on reels to get an impressive $100 bonus.
Complete All Steps and Get Extra ($10): By completing all the above steps, you earn an additional $10 bonus, bringing the total to $160.
After completing all the required steps, you will have a total bonus amount of $160.

Fxcentrum bonus Withdrawal Terms and Conditions

Certain conditions must be met to withdraw the bonus and profits. The withdrawal requirements are as follows:

1) To withdraw the initial bonus of $20 (including bonuses from steps a and b), traders must complete a trading volume of 2 lots.

2) Profits and Bonus Withdrawal
Trade the 2-lot volume traders can withdraw their profits and bonuses. However, the maximum profit that can be withdrawn is $20, and the remaining $20 will be considered a bonus.

3) $160 Bonus Withdrawal Condition
For traders to withdraw the full $160 bonus, they must complete a trading volume of 15 lots.

Upon completing 15 lots, traders can withdraw a maximum profit of $150, in addition to the remaining $160 bonus, making a total of $310 withdrawable.

Important Notice and Terms

Traders should note that positions opened and closed within a difference of more than 3 minutes will not be counted towards the trading volume.

The No Deposit Bonus will expire after 3 months from the date of registration, so traders should take advantage of it within this timeframe.

The $160 No Deposit Bonus is exclusively available for new clients of Fxcentrum.

Only one user is allowed to claim the bonus from a single IP address.

The following countries are not eligible for this promotion: the USA, Afghanistan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Crimea, Cuba, Ethiopia, Iran, Iraq, Lao People’s Democratic Republic, Myanmar, North Korea, Sudan, Syria, Vanuatu, and Yemen.


1. Can existing clients claim the $160 No Deposit Bonus?
No, the $160 No Deposit Bonus is only available for new clients of Fxcentrum.

2. Is the bonus withdrawable?
Yes, both the bonus and any resulting profits are withdrawable after fulfilling the specified trading volume requirements.

3. What is the expiration period of the bonus?
The No Deposit Bonus will expire after 3 months from the date of the bonus credit.

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